iZombie Announces Undead Revolution With Season 3 Poster


iZombie returns for season 3 this spring, and after a break of almost a year, it's time to see what Liv (Rose McIver) is up to. The premiere date was announced last month, and it's already known that this third season is going to be 13-episodes long. We'll also be seeing a bit of a shift in the show, as the episodic murder-mystery plots will be combined with a much larger story arc that pits zombies against humankind, leaving Liv to decide whether she will stand with her fellow zombies, or with her human friends.

Now, a new poster for the upcoming third season puts the focus on this conflict, with Liv as the poster girl for the zombie revolution.

The new poster (via ComicBook), shows Liv's face in black and white on a red background. She is wearing a black cap with a red star on it, and the poster reads "Zombies Unite", which is a none-too-subtle tease of what lies ahead in the season, all with the cheeky sense of humor marked by the show and its creator Rob Thomas.

The poster is a clear take-off of the iconic Che Guevara imagery that shows the Cuban revolutionary in the same pose and colors. There is no missing the message, that the third season of iZombie is going to focus heavily on the zombie revolution (presumably with Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage) at the forefront). The poster also makes great use of the bold red, white, and black color scheme by adding bright red blood on Liv's lips -- just in case we could forget that she is a brain-eating zombie herself.


This poster's strong focus on the rise of the zombies, and Liv's potential place within that revolution, is good news for fans of the show who want to see more of Stoll and the bigger human/zombie picture in this universe. It could certainly help the show's ratings, expand its focus and potentially generate bigger conflicts between the two sides of the equation.

However, some may feel that the use of Che Guevara's iconic imagery isn't the most sensitive way to convey the revolutionary bent of the upcoming season, while others may be concerned that this will overwhelm the formula that made the show so great to begin with. Liv's work as a crime-solving, morgue-dwelling zombie may well get sidelined in season 3, so hopefully the series manages to balance the revolution with the kind of brain-eating, personality-absorbing antics that fans know and love.


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Source: ComicBook

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