iZombie Season 3 Becomes 'More of a Zombie Show’

iZombie returns to the small screen this week after nearly a year on hiatus, and fans can't wait to see what Liv Moore (Rose McIver) and her friends have in store. In seasons 1 and 2, the show focused heavily on Liv's work in the morgue and as a "psychic" crime-solver, but things are about to change in season 3. After the Max Rager party in the season 2 finale, Liv no longer has to pretend to be a psychic - because Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) knows her secret - and the show has introduced a whole new zombie group in the form of Vivian Stoll's (Andrea Savage) company.

With so much going on, promos and trailers for the upcoming third season have been focused on both Liv's crime-solving fun, and on the upcoming war between zombies and humans as the zombie population continues to grow. It's clear that season 3 is going to show even more zombie action in Seattle, and now the cast have spoken about how this is going to change the feel of the show in the future.

In an interview with E! Online, the cast was asked about the "zombie homeland" that Vivian Stoll talked about at the end of season 2, as well as how things are changing in the third season.

McIver: The zombie homeland sort of speaks to the fact that there are a lot more zombies in Seattle than Liv was aware of. It becomes more of a zombie show in some ways. Our zombies still aren't exactly the zombies you've seen before, but there's a lot more of us, and so the threat of how these two communities might or might not integrate is kind of what plays out over the season.

Aly Michalka: Really what it means is that zombies would be known on a universal, national level, and it would not be a secret anymore, would not be hidden, and that you know, humans vs. zombies, that could become a thing.

iZombie - Major and Liv in Method Head

It's unlikely that iZombie is going to turn into The Walking Dead any time soon, but it's interesting to hear how the larger zombie population is going to play a bigger role in season 3. Up until now, Liv was initially unaware that there were any other zombies, and meeting Blaine (David Anders) was a huge moment for her in season 1. Since then, she has slowly met more zombies (and even added one to her own social circle), but this will be the first season that we start to see zombies who are part of a group other than Blaine's.

While the increase in zombie action is sure to be an interesting move for the show, and iZombie will certainly benefit from continuing to evolve, some fans are sure to be disappointed if the series shifts too far away from the lighthearted episodic style of the earlier seasons. However, with the extended trailer putting the emphasis firmly on "eating brains and solving murders," it looks like season 3 will strike just the right balance.

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iZombie season 3 premieres Tuesday, April 4 @9pm on The CW.

Source: E! Online

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