'iZombie' Star Robert Buckley on Major's Quest For Justice

iZombie Interview Preivew Spoilers

Things are beginning to spiral on The CW's iZombie now that Major is getting closer and closer to Liv's big secret. There are only two episode's left in the series' first season and Major is more determined than ever to do something about the death of the teens he'd been mentoring.

On Monday actor Robert Buckley did an interview talking about Major's war against the zombies, his quest for justice, and why he think that Major still hasn't realized his ex-fiancé is a zombie.

With everyone Major has been learning this season, it seems like he should have realized by now that Liv's dramatic change in style and mood might just mean she's a zombie. According to Buckley, however, it isn't that simple.

This is what he told TVLine  about Major's "blindspot" for the woman he loves:

When I was trying to make sense of the character early on, I was like, “How does this make sense?” Obviously, what she went through at the boat party was a very traumatic event. But a huge overnight change… What is it? Is it denial? I think sometimes, when you really love someone, they can become your blindspot. You’re too close to it to see it. Or maybe you don’t want to see it. Subconsciously, you don’t want to acknowledge something.

I also think, because what she went through was so horrific, he can’t really say to her how she should react [or] behave. He’s not able to see the whole picture, because his judgment’s clouded by the fact that he loves her and he still wants to be with her.

The fact that Liv is a zombie, and Major is out to kill zombies, does make for some potentially serious trouble ahead. Liv and Ravi have been hiding a lot from Major and that might just come to a head sooner rather than later.

On this, Buckley said:

He’s [Major] definitely looking for vengeance. Besides the fact that these children are going missing and there needs to be justice served, look what he’s gone through. He’s almost been killed on numerous occasions. So he’s pretty hot in the biscuit, and he’s looking to make someone pay — specifically, zombies.

It’s growing increasingly difficult, especially for Ravi, to keep his mouth shut on the whole issue. What’s going to happen is if they don’t say anything soon, it’s going to be forced anyways, because he’s getting too close and he’s found the brains. So there’s only so much time before the truth is right in front of them all.

iZombie Patriot Brains image 2

So will Liv tell Major? Or will he find out on his own? Either way, the fact that she's kept her secret from him for so long suggests that he won't handle the news well. It could possibly cause an even deeper rift between them, which could be problematic given the fact that they share a common enemy: Blaine.

Major will be getting closer to the show's big baddie as the season draws to a close. With the season finale fast on the horizon, everything and anything is bound to happen.

The freshman season of iZombie will continue on The CW with its final two episodes starting Tuesday, June 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Source: TVLine


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