iZombie, Jane the Virgin & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to End Next Season

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The CW has announced that the 2018-2019 television season will be the last for iZombie, Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The long-running series will be given one more season to bring their respective stories to a proper conclusion.

The final fate of the three series was confirmed with The CW's announcement of their new fall schedule. The season will see the network airing new programs on Sunday evenings for the first time in their history, expanding their line-up to six nights a week with 12 hours of original scripted series per week. This places The CW as second only to CBS among broadcast networks in terms of unique material produced for a primetime line-up.

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Deadline reported the story regarding The CW's formal announcement. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will begin its fourth and final season this fall, airing at 9pm EST on Friday nights. iZombie and Jane The Virgin - both going into their fifth seasons - will be held to air as midseason series in Spring 2019.

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The formal announcement by The CW officially confirms what was already a foregone conclusion in the case of two out of the three series. Rachel Bloom, the series creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, had already stated that she would be ending the series after four yearsJane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez had previously commented that she felt that the series' fifth season would be its last. While there was no such open speculation about iZombie, which was confirmed for a fifth season last week, the series had been suffering from lower ratings over the past year.

Loosely based on a Vertigo Comics graphic novel series by writer Chris Roberson and artist Michael Allred, iZombie focuses upon Olivia "Liv" Moore (Rose McIver) - an overachieving medical student who finds her entire life upended after she becomes a zombie. The show originally followed Liv as she attempted to use her newfound power to see a person's memories and inherit their skills whenever she eats a brain to solve unsolved murder mysteries. More recent seasons have focused on Liv's discovery of an entire sub-culture of other zombies and how society changes when the world is made aware of their existence. Despite a rabid fan-base and critical acclaim, iZombie was something of a cult hit, never quite winning the same level of popularity as The CW's other series based on comic books.

While it's always sad to see a series end, The CW is to be commended for allowing its long-running shows to come to a well-planned conclusion. This is particularly noteworthy, given the recent issues other networks have had with abruptly bringing shows to an end and fan-efforts being launched to save their favorite shows. With any luck the fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, iZombie and Jane The Virgin will enjoy what the coming year has to offer.

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Source: Deadline

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