iZombie: Ranking The Top 10 Romantic Relationships

iZombie began its fifth season this year. In iZombie, we follow the journey of Liv, a zombie, and her work in helping discover the truth behind mysterious deaths and cases. By ingesting the deceased person's brain, she can see their memories. To uncover the truth, she works with Ravi (medical examiner), Major (former boyfriend, the current leader of Fillmore-Graves), Peyton (best friend and interim mayor), and Clive (detective). At times, Blaine, the person who turned her into a zombie, helps the cases; at other times, he is a villain.

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Some relationships end as quickly as they began. Others take a slow and steady approach, while certain couples are soul mates fans are holding out to reunite (or stay together) by the end of the show.

10 Gilda & Major

Although steamy at times, this quick relationship was destined to end as soon as it began. Gilda, Vaughn's daughter, assumed a fake identity (Rita) to live with Liv. Her presence in Liv's life was meant to be a threat to Major so that he would follow Vaughn's orders in finding and freezing zombies.

Gilda's physical relationship with Major, toxic at best, was short-lived. It did cause some friction between Major and Liv, the characters we wanted to see together again.

9 Chase Graves & Liv

Similar to Major's quick relationship with Gilda, Liv and Chase's brief affair was steamy, especially where they act out their sexual fantasies, but short-lived. After consuming a sex addict's brain, Liz did things that she would not normally do.

There had been sexual tension brewing between these two, so it was good that it happened, but it didn't really go anywhere. Then, there is the moment when he tries to publicly kill Liv. Thankfully, Major saves her.

8 Justin & Liv

It started as a relationship in which both could be honest with each other. Since they were both zombies, they also didn't need to worry about hurting each other. On top of this, Justin seemed an all-around good guy. Complications to their relationship included his friendship with Major and her affair with Chase.

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Although this wasn't a long relationship, it wasn't a quick interlude either. It's too bad that we do not get to see much of Justin anymore because he was steadily becoming more than just a flat character.

7 Blaine & Peyton

Seeing a distraught Peyton discover that Blaine was the one who made Liv a zombie was difficult. In a good example of dramatic irony, the viewers knew that Blaine was bad news from the start.  Because of this, it was hard to see Peyton with him.

Luckily, they were together when he was given a zombie cure. Throughout their relationship, Blaine tries to be a better person for Peyton. While they had chemistry, he was too dangerous for Peyton. We would rather see Peyton with Ravi, a total sweetheart.

6 Lowell & Liv

Liv's first zombie boyfriend was a former rock star who let Liv know that she didn't need to give up on love and life just because she was a zombie. This was an important lesson for Liv, especially in Season 1. Liv and Lowell joked together, understood how a digested brain could impact a zombie's personality and understood the importance of adding extra hot sauce to food and drink.

A particularly cute moment was when they danced and goofed off together. In the end, Blaine kills Lowell while a devasted Liv watches from afar.

5 Drake & Liv

Liv made Drake a zombie, thinking at the time that he was a dealer and friend to Blaine. For a couple of episodes, Liv tried to understand Drake. How was he connected to Blaine, and yet also the son who came running to help his mom do home repairs? Later, she discovered that Drake was an undercover cop, that he was one of the good guys.

Like a good guy, he sacrificed himself for others. When captured by Vaughn, he volunteered to be tested on so that other zombies didn't have to be. Liv wanted to rescue him, but by the time she saw him, Drake was turned into a super zombie. They were a sweet couple but, unfortunately, didn't last long.

4 Levon & Liv

Levon embraced Liv's desire to do good and supported her when she became the new Renegade. He helped her take on Renegade's mission: to save dying humans by making them zombies and to reunite families. He also filmed Liv so that the world could see the good in what the movement was doing.

Their relationship was mature and supportive. When Isobel died, a dying teen whose illness prevented her from becoming a zombie, they comforted each other. At one moment, Liv told him that she wished that they knew each other when they were human. She told him that she doesn't think he would have noticed her. He replied, "I would've remembered you. Trust me. I would've. There are probably hundreds of guys that remember you fondly as the girl from the airport or that girl from the line at the DMV."

It is a tender moment. We wish that Liv could have had more moments like this with Levon, but Levon sacrificed himself so that Liv could live. He was the type of boyfriend material that rivaled Major.

3 Ravi & Peyton

Ravi pined for Peyton for seasons before they finally became a couple. Initially, starting out as friends, their relationship was built on that bond. In addition, Ravi stood up to Peyton's parents for her. After his long crush, we were happy to see these two together.

However, they lacked the chemistry that Blaine and Peyton had. In recent episodes, Peyton has seemed less engaged in their relationship. While it could be because she has the work and stress of being interim mayor, we worry that there is trouble in paradise.

2 Dale & Clive

Dale and Clive have a long history. They came together as humans. When Dale turned into a zombie, they questioned whether they should stay together since they couldn't have intimacy. Initially, Dale said that they could seek out others for physical intimacy, but still stay together as a couple. It didn't really work out. Later, Clive makes the decision that he would rather be with Dale, regardless of the limits of a human-zombie relationship. When Ravi crafted a cure, Liv decided to give it to Dale instead of taking it herself.

Season 5 finds a human Dale with Clive, pregnant with their baby. Dale notices that Michelle (potentially pregnant with Clive's baby as well) is alone in the birthing class. She then asks Michelle to be her partner. Although it is an awkward moment, she feels empathy for Michelle. Looking through the door, she sees Clive, and they mouth to each other, "I love you." If any couple on this list will make it long-term, we're willing to bet on Dale and Clive.

1 Major & Liv

These two are soul mates. At the end of Season 4, Major broke protocol, zombied-out, and clawed open the door in order to save Liv.

With bullets flying at him, he leaps on the stage to save Liv. While Liv ultimately saves herself, if it weren't for his heroic act, she would have been lost.

Another calmer episode shows their love and admiration in Season 2. Liv calls out Major. She tells him that he could do better, that she fell in love with the person who never gave up and who became a social worker because he cared about others. Later, in the episode, he tells Liv, "I'm a better man with you in my life."

From episode 1, Major and Liv are in love. While the circumstances have changed in their lives, that love remains. Hopefully, by the final episode, they will be together again.

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