It's Not Star Trek 11 - It's Star Trek ZERO

Sci Fi Magazine interviewed Star Trek 11 writer Roberto Orci and executive producer Bryan Burk in their latest issue, and there was much pre-damage control directed at long time fans of the franchise.

The upshot is that their idea is to do a completely fresh take on Star Trek while being faithful to 40 years of established continuity (or as fans like to say: "canon"). Once again they reiterated that the goal is to bring non-Trek fans into the world of Kirk and company.

And speaking of Kirk... they continue (at this point, unbelievably) to state that they are still trying to find a way to work Bill Shatner into the movie. I find it unbelievable at this late date due to the fact that they've announced that the script is locked plus there's this pesky thing going on called a writers' strike which does not allow any changes to be made to the script.

Along the lines of their reboot idea, Orci stated:

"One of the things we fought for is that it not be called Star Trek 11. Because even if you were a fan back then or you haven't seen the last few [movies], with that title you might think it's like tuning in to Lost now and that you'll never catch up. So it's so important to get out the message that this, in a way, is Star Trek Zero. It's a reintroduction. We designed it so that if you know everything about Star Trek you will have one kind of an experience, because you will pick up on all kinds of references. But if you are not a fan, those things will be an introduction, and it won't require you to know anything."

I continue to be cautiously optimistic about this film, however I realize that I will have to keep a very open mind about what they will be doing to classic Trek. Maybe I've mellowed with age, or maybe it's just that the franchise has been driven into the ground with each new movie/TV show being worse than the last.

Either way I think I'm actually ready for a fresh take on my favorite franchise of all time.

For more details from the interview head on over to TrekWeb (the Sci Fi link is a subscription page).

Sources: Sci Fi Magazine via TrekWeb

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