'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Season 10 Trailer

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 10 Trailer Preview

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia remains one of those dark-horse comedy shows that endures even if the fanbase isn't all that massive.

About to enter its 10th season (the second on spinoff network FXX), Sunny has garnered zero major awards, very few nominations, yet it's now fully syndicated in reruns (Comedy Central) and the show's influence on the cultural zeitgeist can be seen just about anywhere there are people dressing up in green body suits (Green Man!) or screaming "Wildcard!" just before they do something crazy.

When last we saw the gang from Paddy's Pub (Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Sweet Dee and Frank), they had attempted to honor Thanksgiving tradition by 'settling their beefs' with the various supporting characters whom they run across (and afoul of) again and again over the course of 9 seasons.


Perhaps why it's fitting that the season 10 trailer would feature so many of those side characters in this season 10 trailer  - especially since some of them (Rickety Cricket, Bill Ponderosa) were last seen trying desperately to escape from Mac and Dennis' burning apartment as the gang sealed them in. Then again, this is a sitcom, not a serialized show, so seeing characters like The Waitress and The Attorney back as well can only be expected. If there is anything Sunny has mastered, it's returning to the well for some fresh gags.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 10 Trailer Preview

Finally, this is probably the most elaborate trailer for a season of Sunny that we've seen yet - which should be a testament to the fact that this gang of showrunners - Rob McElhenney (Mac), Glenn Howerton (Dennis) and Charlie Day (Charlie) - have been pretty savvy about turning a profit from their little show that keeps keepin' on.


It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia will premiere season 10 on FXX January 14th.

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