'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia': The Gang's 10 Best Inventions

It's Always Sunny Best Inventions

Many TV sitcoms have come and gone in the past decade, but one constant that viewers have been able to count on during that time is the hilarious misadventures of the morally corrupt fivesome of Paddy's Pub on FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Frank (Danny DeVito) - also known as "The Gang" - are each as self-centered, narcissistic and psychotic as TV characters come, yet we love them for their audacious depravity and wild comedic creativity. So, to celebrate that creativity (and any number of inventions or trends that Sunny has inspired) we give you our picks for The Gang's 10 Best Inventions.


Ocular Patdown Glasses

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ocular patdown

Despite never really having to deal with customers (unruly, or otherwise), Mac takes pride in his ability to protect the bar and the Gang as the pub's bouncer/security guard. However, before he even uses one of his badass roundhouse kicks, Mac utilizes his ocular patdown glasses to assess a threat.

Unfortunately, Mac is never able to successfully perform the ocular patdown, with the glasses or without (though, Charlie seems to be able to utilize them in "Pop-Pop: The Final Solution"). In "The Gang Hits the Road", Mac even gives ocular clearance to a young man who eventually steals Dee's car. Regardless, it's possible the invention could be useful in the right hands - especially after Country Mac (Seann William Scott) proves capable of the ocular patdown, clocking a knife in an attacker's boot in "Mac Day".

Why It's Awesome: Who doesn't want eye wear that both blocks out excess UV rays AND helps us make ocular assessments on the fly? Sure, many would abuse the privilege (we know Mac would if he actually had the ability), but there are also those who could keep us safe with the power, like our dearly departed Country Mac.


Charlie's Rat Stick

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie Kelly King of Rats

As we learn early on in the series, Charlie Kelly is a man of simple pleasures and tastes (as odd as they may be). So, when the Gang gifts him a baseball bat wrapped in chain and fitted with sharp nails to kill rats in the pub's basement (in "Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats") Charlie is much more excited than anyone else would be. For Charlie, the barbaric tool is as practical and essential to his job as a torque wrench is to a car mechanic, making his 'Charlie Work' all the more enjoyable.

Why It's Awesome: An exterminator would probably tell you poison is a more effective method to take care of a rat problem, but if you are willing (like Charlie) to get up close and personal with the vermin, then wielding this medieval-like weapon would be an absolute blast. We can only imagine that handling pest control in this fashion has to be cathartic, as well.


Lethal Weapons 5 & 6

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Lethal Weapon

Although most us of love - or at least appreciate - the Lethal Weapon series as one of the best action movie franchises out there, we would also agree that the series ran its course after four films (maybe even two). However, as overtly obsessed fanatics of the Mel Gibson and Danny Glover-led buddy cop films, the Gang is not in that camp, taking it upon themselves to keep the franchise moving — even if it means inappropriately wearing blackface to do it.

Despite Mac and Dennis inexplicably swapping roles midway through Lethal Weapon 5, and Frank portraying a ridiculous and racially insensitive villain in Lethal Weapon 6, the Gang's homemade amateur films are memorable, at the very least. Just don't expect them to hit theaters anytime soon.

Why They're Awesome: If these aren't campy fun, then we don't know what is. Mac's gruff Murtaugh voice, the terrible acting and cheesy over-the-top action scenes make us wish that these movies actually got made. Plus, seeing the Gang doing something creative outside of Paddy's is always a nice change of pace.


Wine in a Can

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Wine in a can

The Gang may not have realized their collective alcoholism until season 9's "The Gang Gets Quarantined", but viewers spotted it much earlier. One sign was the group's decision to conceal wine in soda cans in order to drink on the go in "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention"; unfortunately no one - including the Intervention Lady - was fooled by the what the Gang thought was a clever guise.

Regardless, the invention still served an important purpose, as Mac and Dennis found that drinking wine out of cans significantly reduced spillage when using violent hand gestures. And, based on the actual existence of canned wine, it turns out the Sunny crew was really onto something. We're not sure where the idea came from first, but we're willing to give this one to Paddy's Pub.

Why It's Awesome: Don't like all the pomp and circumstance that comes with drinking wine? Drinking it out of a can removes all the aroma sniffing, glass swirling and gentle sips. If you're drinking wine out of a can, it's clear you mean business, and we have no choice but to salute that kind of drinking candor.



It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore

If filling soda cans with wine wasn't a telltale sign that the Gang had a problem with alcohol, then their trip to the beach in "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore" should have driven the reality home.

While Dee and Dennis filled empty sun tan lotion bottles with tequila to sneak booze onto the boardwalk, Mac and Frank get even more creative, buying a spiral-cut ham soaked in rum. Not only does the ham get the two lit, it also provides important sustenance after Mac and Frank get stranded at sea on a small inflatable raft. Tragically the rumham floats away, but is later reunited with the duo when they are rescued and becomes the life of the party.

Why It's Awesome: Well, if you like ham and love rum, this seems like a combo right up your alley. Plus, as we see in the episode, it's great for sharing at parties. Admit it, you wish you thought of it before Sunny did.

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