It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 20 Things That Don't Make Sense About Mac And Dennis' Relationship

Fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia regard the relationship between Mac and Dennis as a cornerstone of the series early development. Whether it was wearing dusters or making up schemes, the two could always be found in hijinks. From here, things get stranger for the two Paddy’s Pub founders. It’s safe to say that no fan is unfamiliar with the oddities that occur between Mac and Dennis over the long run of this series, so far. The two are so interconnected that it felt strange seeing Mac without Dennis for the new season. It felt like getting Macaroni without the cheese.

Considering the fact that Mac has come out of the closet officially, fans have been quick to imagine what he and Dennis would be like in a relationship. As far as the most recent season goes, fans can see just how much Mac loves him, whether it is platonic or romantic. However, a lot of fans seem to think it might be romantic, considering things that have happened in the past seasons, some of which we will explore below.

Still, the series is moving in this new direction, but that does not mean we cannot dwell in the past. This list will examine those unexplainable quirks and moments in Mac and Dennis’ relationship. All entries are things fans cannot fully explain or understand the motivation behind.

Here are 20 Things That Don't Make Sense About Mac And Dennis' Relationship.

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20 Dennis Listens to Mac’s phone calls

These two are always interceding into each other’s lives. One of the strangest ways in which they do this is by showing that Dennis listens in while Mac has phone calls. Imagine every time you got a call you had to make sure your friend was listening in so they would be apart of the conversation.

Now, granted, it is doubtful that Dennis listens to every phone call Mac makes, considering the fact that Mac and Dennis trust each other a lot. Still, this is a lot of privacy that Mac is giving up in their relationship. It seems strange that Mac would not also be able to listen to Dennis’ calls. The whole tradeoff just does not seem to be logical.

19 Tuesday Movie Nights

Okay, there is nothing wrong with a designated movie night. Lots of people set updates to watch movies with their partner or friends, and most people tend to prefer that to going out on the town anyway. What is strange about their Tuesday sessions is that they watch a specific movie every Tuesday. That movie is, Predator.

While Predator is a good movie, it seems almost inhuman for two men to watch that movie over and over again every Tuesday. No matter how much body mass is in the film, that idea seems nonsensical. Their Tuesday movie nights prove that they might be too attached to the movie for anyone to believe it is healthy.

18 Dennis Peals Mac’s Apples

Things are starting to get weird. During the episode that Mac and Dennis break up, it is revealed that Dennis used to peel Mac’s apples for him. The reasoning: the skin is filled with toxins that are not healthy for Mac to eat. Most friends would not do this for one another, but it is oddly adorable that Dennis cares enough about Mac to do that for him.

This brings up the question: what else are they doing for each other, if they are doing something as strange as this? Among peeling fruits for one another, we are sure that they are doing a lot of other strange things for each other.

17 Dennis Often Finishes Mac’s Sentences

Dennis finds the perfect word to finish Mac’s incomplete thoughts. Hardcore fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia noticed this little characteristic of their relationship after years of watching the show. It hides under the surface of the two characters partnership, but once you see it, you can never unsee it.

Mac comes up with many plans and ideas; however, he usually runs into problems trying to explain it to the gang. In comes Dennis, who finds the perfect word to complete Mac’s thought. It is almost as if the two think the exact same way. Otherwise, how can you explain this weird coincidence in their lives?

16 Dennis Orders Food for Mac

This oddity is another aspect of Mac and Dennis’ relationship revealed to us when the gang gets a new member. When they all head to a restaurant, it turns out that Dennis orders the meals for everyone at the table. Dennis claims it is because he has a more refined palate, but fans of the show see it as another example of the parental role he occasionally plays in Mac’s life.

Still, this whole ritual brings so many questions up. Many are wondering just when exactly this was decided. How did they even determine Dennis had the most “refined palate”? Again, Dennis seems to control the diet of Mac in ways that seem mind-boggling.

15 The Monthly Dinner at Guiginos

Throughout the show, it has been revealed that Mac and Dennis have monthly dinners at Guigino’s. Yes, that Guigino’s, were all the cringe-worthy moments seem to happen when the gang dines out. Mac and Dennis use the excellent dining restaurant as a “date night” every month to go out and treat themselves.

The strangest aspect of this is how focused the two seem on the restaurant. It seems to be the only fine dining establishment they know of despite living in Philadelphia for so long. What is even more worrying is the possibility that is is one of the only places that Mac and Dennis are allowed to go to for a pleasant dining experience. One can also assume they are going to be banned from there eventually.

14 They Slept on a King Size Bed with Dee

Not many people would approve of a living situation that required them to sleep in a bed with their best friend, the best friend's sister, and an old man. However, Mac is special, and he just doesn't seem to care. In a recent part of the series, Mac, Dennis, Dee, and an old man all slept in the same bed together for an extended period of time, but only recently did that change when Dennis left Philadelphia.

Audiences have seen Dennis sleep on the floor with a workout machine that will remain nameless, so one has to wonder what made this situation more acceptable. Given the similarity between Mac, Dennis, and Dee, it would make sense that they might live together, but four people sleeping in the same bed is a little much.

13 Mac’s Scheme

Well, this one is a bit dicey. When Paddy’s Pub transforms into a gay bar due to a new promotion, Mac decides to get revenge on Dennis for not voting with him on the decision. Now, the details are not necessary. What is essential is how vengeful and jealous Mac seems about the attention Dennis is now getting in the bar.

Mac’s motivations during the episode might have seemed misplaced at the time, since this was way back in the first season, and now it has been revealed that Mac is gay. His revenge, looking back, might have been more about the fact that Mac wanted the attention because deep down he knew he liked men.

12 Mac and Dennis’ Mom

The episode that features this bruising backstab by Mac has to be one of the most challenging moments in Mac and Dennis’ relationship, even though the resolving end of the episode seems to be a casual shrugging of the shoulders in tone. Dennis appears to forgive Mac, and the two are shown drinking together. Yet, that resolution may not actually prove anything.

After all, Dennis is shown to hold grudges and be spiteful towards people who cross him. So, what makes his relationship with Mac so strong? It is possible that Dennis is still harboring some resentment and anger over the incident.

11 Dennis Bets Against Mac

Perhaps this is the revenge that Dennis gets on Mac, since Mac had a relationship with his mother. After all, this is the single most significant friendship swerve Dennis ever puts on Mac in the series, so far. After the two spend a lot of time beating up Charlie so that he can win an underground fight, Charlie ends up not being able to fight. Mac steps in his place, and Dennis gives him a vote of confidence.

Unfortunately, Mac loses badly. What is even worse is his friend makes a lot of money, because he bet on Mac to lose. It turns out Dennis lied to Mac about how much confidence he has in him. Poor Mac is beaten to a pulp and then he is emotionally put down by his best friend. This definitely feels like an unexplainable rough patch for friends who are so close.

10 Mac’s Confession of Love

Mac confessed his love to Dennis when they were being held “hostage” by the McPoyles. The two believed their lives were in peril and, at that moment, Mac tells Dennis he loves him. Dennis does not reciprocate the confession. It’s an honest moment of emotion in an otherwise convoluted relationship.

The strange, nonsensical part is the fact it seems to have gone unmentioned since that episode. The characters seem to have shoved those feelings under the rug. Time will tell if those feelings bubble back up to the surface and get brought back up at some point. Until then, it seems to make no sense that Dennis would never bring the subject back up again at any point, especially since the two lived together for so long.

9 Dennis Suspects Mac of being a criminal

So these two characters trust each other a lot. They clearly know when the other is lying and can figure out each other’s schemes rather easily. So, why then, does Dennis suspect Mac of being a serial killer at one point?

If Mac and Dennis are supposed to be so close to one another and even live together, then how can Dennis even suspect that Mac might be capable of being a serial killer? This suspicion shows a lot of distrust on Dennis’ part, and that distrust never seems to come back again or show any justification for existing outside the plot of the episode.

8 the awkward Dance Challenge

It is incredible that this entry is not the weirdest one on the list, and those who have not seen the dance challenge episode need to go watch it immediately. This is one of those moments that feels so out of place and so awkward that it cannot be repeated.

Mac performs a rather suggestive move on Dennis during their dance face-off that comes way out of left field. This move leaves viewers stunned and searching for the reason behind it. Mac may have been hinting at his future character progression with the decision, or he might have just gotten caught up in the heat of battle. Fans will never know the answer. Still, the motivation behind Mac’s move makes no sense and fans are still searching for the actual meaning.

7 Mac Insists that Dennis is not the Stallion he was in his Prime

Mac shows a lot of support for Dennis in the early seasons. After a more antagonistic beginning in season one, Mac comes around and becomes the ultimate support system for Dennis’ ego. So the exchange the two have when Dennis proclaims his intent to audition for Paddy’s Pub billboard seems out of place.

Mac tells Dennis that Dennis does not have a good chance of winning because there are a lot of “beefcakes” in the competition and Dennis is not the “stallion” he once was. Now the terminology itself makes sense, but the way Mac puts down Dennis here feels strange. After all, Mac is shown admiring Dennis frequently in the shows long tenure, so the fact he thinks Dennis does not stack up says something.

6 They Switch Dayman and Nightman Roles

Fans might forget that Charlie’s initial casting had Dennis as the Nightman and Mac as the Dayman, for reasons that no one is certain about. Still, the two seem to fit the roles they ended up playing perfectly.

However, Mac seems to be happy with his initial role as the little boy/Dayman. It is Dennis who makes him switch. So, why does Mac give up the part? Dennis seems to convince him of this quickly, but the real motivations beneath the surface seem unclear. Some may suggest that this switching of roles says something about their relationship, but no one can say that for sure.

5 They never go an hour without Checking In

Considering the amount of time they spend together at the bar, this little quirk is definitely strange. They spend most of their day together, and sometimes, all of their day, so why on earth would they need to check in that often with one another?

This habit is never really brought up again after the first time, but fans cannot seem to forget about it, mostly because it falls somewhere between strange and oddly cute. Either way, it is one of the oddest parts of their relationship.

4 Their Mutual Love for 80’s Movies

Okay, two people can have the same love for a movie genre. That part of this makes sense. However, it is the two completely different opinions that form from this mutual love that feels nonsensical.

Mac and Dennis seem to have two diverging views on 80s movies, despite the fact they both love them so much. Now, sometimes they do agree on certain parts, but that is not usually the case. So, how do these two always-on-the-same-page roommates suddenly split on opinions? The whole conflict seems to have no reasoning other than it just being another weird aspect of their partnership.

3 Mac and Dennis in the Suburbs

When Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs, the audience was given a perfect story of just how dysfunctional life can get when the two are out of their comfort zone. Viewers are treated to a “stay at home” Mac who helps gives Dennis a nice meal of mac and cheese when he gets home. However, the whole situation quickly turns into trouble in paradise.

Once again, fans were left wondering how things could go so sore so quickly. The only explanation seems to be how negatively the environment affected their relationship. This episode also feels like the closest fans may get to Mac and Dennis as a couple. Hopefully, it goes better than this storyline, and Mac does not claim to feed Dennis the dog.

2 the D.E.N.N.I.S. System

The D.E.N.N.I.S. system is now notorious amongst fans, after changes in culture have brought it under a new light. However, even more, strange and unsettling is the M.A.C system that apparently follows Dennis’ long process. M.A.C. stands for “Move-in After Completion,” and, basically, is summed up as Mac getting with women that Dennis has been with recently.

The whole thing feels disturbing on every possible level. One has to wonder how the two can rationalize the dishonorable way they try to meet women. It feels as if the two rely on each other for a lot of things, this, however, should not be one of those things.

1 Mac and Dennis are Codependent

Ultimately, the thing that makes no sense about their relationship is just the fact the two are basically the most codependent people in the group. Fans still do not know how exactly this mutual neediness began. Which person needed the other person first?

It feels like a lot of their relationship is still left to be explored. For the sake of mystery, this codependent partnership will likely never be answered. However, one thing is for sure: it does not make sense as the audience currently understands it. The two ebb and flow so much between complete attachment and awkward moments that it is hard to see what brought the two together and what keeps them together now. Maybe someday the answer will be shown, till then the whole scenario feels a tad nonsensical.


Do you think there's anything else wrong with Mac and Dennis' relationship in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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