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Itcher Mobile App

Screen Rant has partnered with itcher to bring movie and TV news to their mobile app - and to that end, we want to familiarize our readers with itcher and why you should give the app a shot!

These days, with so many entertainment options available, it can be difficult to keep track of them of all and discover new movies and TV shows that might be of interest. Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes, everyone from the casual viewer to a die-hard cinephile has access to just about any piece of entertainment they want - and that can be a little (often very) overwhelming. Scrolling through a plethora of options, trying to find the right choice for movie night, it can be easy to fall back on an old favorite - rather than take a chance on something new. So, where can we turn when we want to find movie and TV shows that we, personally, will enjoy?

Of course, Netflix and their competitors provide users with recommendations to check out based on ratings and search history, but often times, these services prioritize promoting their own original content - not necessarily the objectively best recommendations. This isn't to say original content creators are misleading users, but there's a chance their recommendations won't always be catered to an individual's specific tastes. Now, with the itcher mobile app, moviegoers and TV viewers have a new tool to help them find their next favorite piece of entertainment.

itcher is available on iTunes as well as Google Play and makes it easy for users to get recommendations - as well as read reviews, news (including the latest from Screen Rant), and even fun trivia facts. After downloading, viewers are asked to rate five films on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on the scores, the first wave of recommendations appears, allowing users to see a bevy of similar titles that might be to their liking.

The app's biggest selling point is that it operates as a one-stop shop - so users can browse, discover, and buy straight from itcher. Included with each film's info is a list of places to watch it, including Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes. Through a simple tap, moviegoers can stream whatever they want on-demand. All in less than a minute.

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The app gives users a comprehensive experience, providing recommendations in a multitude of genres ranging from action to romance. Most of the genres are split into results sorted by decade, and there are other filtering options available. For example, if you wanted to see which crime movies are currently on Netflix, itcher will show you the top-rated titles for your streaming pleasure. Another key feature is integration with Google Home, allowing users to discover and play new content simply by using their voice. There are a number of commands to give the Google Assistant device, providing instant access to recommendations. Users can also use Google Home to rate and review titles they have watched - delivering a fully-integrated experience.

It's important to note that itcher is not exclusively for movies and TV. The app covers a wide variety of mediums, including books, music, and video games. No matter your preferences, itcher has a recommendation for everyone, and the possibilities are truly endless. It's free to download and the entire entertainment world is there to explore. People should be able to find their next favorite film, TV series, or novel in less than 50 seconds, which certainly sounds more efficient than scrolling through the Netflix or Hulu interface, aimlessly scouring for something to watch.

It's easy to use and leads to great results, so itcher is worth a try!

itcher is available now on iTunes and Google Play. For more information, check out

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