The Latest News On The Italian Job 2

Since The Italian Job snuck onto screens in 2003 and got away with over 170$ million in box office gold, buzz has been building about the proposed sequel, The Brazilian Job.  The hope, stoked by hints from producer Donald De Line (currently working on Green Lantern),was for a 2011 release with all the major players returning.  That's a lot of schedules to coordinate, seeing as how we're talking about Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Ed Norton, Donald Sutherland, Jason Statham, Seth Green and Mos Def, all recognized stars with any number of projects to choose from.

So what's the news?  Since our last update the new news is...

Wait for it...


That's right.  Apparently Paramount had a script and even a budget, but management changes put development on hold.  Now director F. Gary Grey, whose current feature Law Abiding Citizen hits theaters on October 16th, says that The Brazilian Job is still of interest, but remains languishing in limbo.  Which is a shame, seeing as how Grey has the right attitude towards making a sequel: "You don't do a sequel for the sake of doing a sequel. You want to make sure you top it."

Sounds good to me!  So what's the hold up?  Grey hints about digital media and video games being in development along with the film, perhaps implying that the problem lies on the business end of things and not the creative.  But let's get real: If the script was there, the studio would make it.

Could this just be another back-burner project bouncing around Paramount that people are talking up, hoping to keep interest alive?  It took 44 years between the original movie The Italian Job and the remake.  I hope we don't have to wait that long for The Brazilian Job.

Source: Collider

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