IT Trailer Parody Replaces Pennywise with Mike Myers' Cat in the Hat

The trailer for Stephen King's IT has already spawned multiple parodies, including one that gives the teaser a "Dr. Seuss makeover." When the film was first announced, some expressed doubts over whether the prospect would be received warmly, as the 1990 IT miniseries starring Tim Curry has become quite the iconic adaptation over the years. Still, many devotees of King's legendary horror novel have since responded to the idea of a new take on IT with open arms, as the 1990 miniseries was forced to change or exclude many memorable aspects of the book (due to either time or network content restrictions).

Last week, the first trailer for IT (2017) arrived, and to say it was greeted nicely would be a massive understatement. Widely considered to be both scary and stylish, the trailer quickly smashed through existing viewing records for previews, racking up nearly 200 million views in 24 hours. The trailer was received so well, in fact, that many who still held reservations about the book being re-adapted have been converted into optimism about the potential future of the project.

Of course, Pennywise the Clown isn't the only horrifying creature that primarily targets only children, leaving adults none the wiser. The other creature in question would be none other than The Cat in the Hat, as played by Mike Myers in the infamous 2003 live-action film featuring the classic Dr. Seuss character. At least, that's the premise of a new fan-made parody trailer that replaces all instances of Pennywise in the IT (2017) trailer with clips of Myers as the titular hat-wearing cat. Check it out, above.

It - Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise

The above trailer is far from the first video to point out just how creepy Myers' Cat in the Hat comes off at times, especially due to his really odd facial expressions. The parallels to IT are clear though, as The Cat is a being normally only visible to children, usually visits them when they're alone, and has the supernatural ability to do pretty much anything it wishes, much like Pennywise. The only difference is that one usually wouldn't assume that The Cat would eat the children, although cats are carnivores, so one never knows.

All kidding aside, it really is impressive the amount of cultural impact that the IT (2017) trailer has made in such a short time. If that translates into box office receipts, this could be a very profitable fall for King's fictional cursed small Maine town of Derry.

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