IT Trailer #2: Pennywise Knows What You Fear

The second trailer for the IT movie adaptation is now online. During a particularly creepy scene in the 1990 TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel IT, Pennywise the Clown (Tim Curry) informs the members of the Losers' Club that he's every nightmare they've ever had, and is in fact their worst dream come true. For those who experienced Curry's mesmerizing performance at a young enough age, that quote likely held very true, with Pennywise inspiring a pronounced case of coulrophobia in quite a few of the miniseries' viewers.

To an extent though, the greatness of Curry's performance as Pennywise tends to overshadow many of the flaws inherent to the miniseries adaptation, including a low-budget, sometimes cheesy special effects, and content standards that kept many of the most harrowing parts of the book from being adapted fully. As iconic as Curry's take on Pennywise has come to be, the aforementioned flaws have only contributed to the high levels of anticipation for director Andy Muschetti's upcoming R-rated theatrical adaptation of IT.

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The first IT trailer and other preview footage previously-released has been met with widespread acclaim from both IT diehards and newbies to the cursed town of Derry alike - and the second trailer and exclusive clips shown during the Scarediego event at SDCC did nothing to burst the balloons of hype surrounding Muschetti's film. Now, Warner Bros. has seen fit to unveil IT's second trailer to the public at large, and it's sure to inspire just as many nightmares as the past glimpses at King's shape-shifting monster have. Check it out above.

Perhaps most notably, the above trailer provides fans with the best look yet at Muschetti's interpretation of easily the most well-known scene from the miniseries - and arguably the book as well - that being little Georgie Denborough's fateful encounter with a sewer-dwelling Pennywise, while out sailing the paper boat made for him by brother Bill. This look also includes the first time Pennywise can be heard speaking in any footage released so far, and his voice should be enough to send a chill down the spine of just about everyone.

Pennywise is also featured in an equally-chilling scene near the end of the trailer, in which Richie Tozier (Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard) encounters the monster after entering a room populated by creepy clown dolls. Yikes. For anyone still harboring doubts as to whether Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise will be capable of scaring the hell out of audiences, the above trailer should go a long way toward erasing them. In September, the world will stare into IT's deadlights once again, and it looks likely that - like Stan Uris - they will want to be there.

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