IT Sequel Planned For September 2019 Release Date

Warner Bros. and New Line have officially dated IT: Chapter Two for a September 2019 release. Director Andrés Muschietti adapted one of Stephen King's most famous novels this year by bringing IT to life on the big screen. After just a few weeks since the film's release, IT has dominated the box office and helped reinvigorate a stalled summer box office.

However, as fans of King's novel know, the film only told half of the story. Warners initially planned to do a second film provided the first was a hit, and with the global box office approaching $500 million, that sequel is now not only a foregone conclusion, but the studio is hoping to see lightning strike twice with another late-summer bow in theaters.

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Warner Bros. has officially dated IT: Chapter Two for a September 6, 2019 release per THR. This will allow the sequel to premiere almost exactly two years after the first film. At this time, there are no other movies slated to challenge the sequel, but that is unsurprising given how far away that is. That said, considering how well IT is doing in theaters, other movies may be best to avoid competing with the sequel.

A September 2019 release will give those involved plenty of time to finalize the script. Currently, Gary Dauberman is the only screenwriter attached, with Muschietti still waiting to close a deal to return as director. It is also expected that all of the younger members of the Losers' Club will return, in addition to a new batch of actors to play the kids as adults. Between them and Muschietti likely getting a significant bump in pay and casting high-profile stars for the film's other leading roles, Chapter Two will hardly be the low-budget endeavor that the first was.

The inflated costs aside, the sequel is also said to have a greater focus on Pennywise's backstory, while also delving deeper into the crazier parts of the novel, such as visiting other dimensions and possibly a talking turtle. Muschietti may have a tough time replicating the the runaway success of the first film, but with the sequel already anticipated by fans of the book and film, it stands to reason Chapter Two will do just fine. With less then two years between now and its current release, the countdown for the to return to Derry has officially begun.

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Source: THR

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  • IT Chapter Two (2019) release date: Sep 06, 2019
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