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Here's every substantial reference to Pennywise in other Stephen King novels. Pennywise the Dancing Clown was the sadistic antagonist of King's 1986 horror novel, IT. The book spawned a miniseries in 1990 as well as the two-part movie adaptation, IT and IT Chapter Two, directed by Andy Muschietti.

Although all versions of the story feature a group of kids (and later their adult counterparts) banding together to defeat the evil entity IT, there's a slight difference in the novels, as that's not the only time we see or hear of Pennywise. Through his work as an author, King has created his own epic shared universe, with various characters and locations being used or referenced across a number of stories, and Pennywise is no exception.

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The mythology and origin of Pennywise is closely linked to King's Dark Tower series, with Dandelo the same sort of creature as IT, and the Crimson King's Deadlights similar too. Following the 1986 novel, a number of King's other stories have incorporated the lore of Pennywise. Even King's son, Joe Hill, has gotten into the fun by adding a nod to Pennywise in his 2013 book, NOS4A2. Let's take a look at every King title that referenced Pennywise.

Gray Matter (1973) - In the short story, the narrator mentioned having a friend who once worked in the sewers near Bangor, Maine. One day the man returned from the sewers with bright white hair and claimed to have seen a giant spider. The man must have looked into Pennywise's Deadlights, which would explain what happened to his hair. It's important to note that Gray Matter was published 13 years before IT was released.

The Tommyknockers (1987) - The main character, Tommy Jacklin, made a supply run in Derry during The Tommyknockers. While in town, Tommy supposedly saw a "clown with shiny silver dollars for eyes” looking at him from the sewer drains. This marked Pennywise's only proper appearance outside of IT, but it could have been a hallucination.

Insomnia (1994) - The novel, Insomnia, was set in Derry, the same location featured in IT. The book referenced the events that occurred in town following Pennywise's first defeat. There were also mentions of Deadlights and a character that referred to itself as Kingfish, just like Pennywise.

Dreamcatcher (2001) - King's novel, Dreamcatcher, was set near Derry, Maine. One of the characters took a detour to the town and ended up at the water storage standpipe. Since the tower had previously been destroyed, a plaque stood in its place to honor the victims. On the memorial, someone had spray-painted "Pennywise Lives" insinuating that the entity could still be alive.

11/22/63 (2011) - In the novel, the main character, Jake Epping, traveled back in time to Derry in 1958 where he met a young Beverly Marsh and Richie Tozier. The interaction took place after the Losers' Club first encounter with Pennywise. Jake even overheard them mention the clown but didn't know what they meant.

Elevation (2018) - King's novella was set in the fictional town of Castle Rock but there was one reference to the infamous clown. At one point, the narrator described the changing of seasons in the Maine town and the excitement for Halloween. He mentioned that the local high school would be holding their annual Halloween dance where the local band, Big Top, was playing. For the event, the band changed its name to Pennywise and the Clowns.

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