IT's Pennywise Is Still Terrifying In Anime Form

New fan art imagines Pennywise from IT as a chilling anime character. While The Dark Tower may have failed to convince audiences to dive into Stephen King's sprawling magnum opus, one of his most popular works has been given new life. Despite its flaws, the 1990s TV miniseries adaptation of IT is still kindly regarded amongst King fans and horror diehards. Now, the IT movie adaptation has become the highest-grossing R-Rated horror film in the U.S. ever, and it's still climbing higher on the charts around the globe.

IT was finally dethroned from the top of the box office by Kingsman: The Golden Circle, but the film's run is far from done. Already, a sequel is in the works, and director Andy Muschietti is lined-up for a big career in Hollywood. In the meantime, fans are still diving into this month's horror hit. Since the film's release, we've learned about some chilling deleted scenes and were offered a look at how the new version of Pennywise was brought to life. Bill Skarsgård's take on the killer clown has proven so popular in fact, that fans can't help but pay tribute to the monster.

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Artist Mike Anderson has added Pennywise from IT to his oeuvre, rendering the creature in the style of anime. Taking two of the film's most memorable scenes as inspiration, Anderson imagines how the rogue would look if IT is ever transformed into an anime:

Anderson's work takes a number of pop culture characters and realizes them in anime form, from Captain Planet and Freakazoid to Eleven from Stranger Things. Considering how many anime adaptations of Western films and TV shows have been popping up of late, it's not hard to imagine a Stephen King work getting the treatment. And between Pennywise's look and sinister abilities, IT would fit perfectly into the world of anime.

While we wait for the hopeful future that involves in IT anime, Chapter Two is gearing up for a possible 2019 release. One of the biggest aspects of the film will be its modern-day setting and the adult actors who will portray the Losers' Club. While there are a number of exciting possibilities, fans won't have to say goodbye to the actors from this year's film yet. The sequel will feature plenty of flashbacks to the '80s-set world of IT, bridging the gap between the two time periods.

With IT: Chapter Two expected to start shooting by spring 2018, casting and story news should arrive soon. In the meantime, IT is still holding strong at the box office.

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Source: Mike Anderson (via Nerdist)

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