IT: The Haunted House On Neibolt Street Explained

The house on Neibolt Street is one of the most infamous locations in Stephen King's novel IT and it's subsequent live-action adaptations. IT is a sprawling book that involves the battle between a group of outcast kids - dubbed the Losers' Club - who defeat an evil, shapeshifting creature in their hometown of Derry. The team has to come back as adults when Pennywise the Dancing Clown reemerges and finish the beast for good.

IT is considered one of Stephen King's greatest novels and it was first adapted into a 1990 miniseries. This show gave nightmares to an entire generation thanks to Tim Curry's chilling portrayal of Pennywise and a couple of great horror sequences. The first part of the IT miniseries is considered the strongest, which focuses on the young Losers' Club encounter with Pennywise. The second half is regarded as a major disappointment, however, especially when Pennywise's final form is revealed to be a rubbery giant spider. There had been talk of a movie remake for years, with Cary Joji Fukunaga (True Detective season 1) originally hired to direct. Fukunaga would ultimately depart the project and replacement director Andy Muschietti's IT became a huge box-office success in 2017.

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IT told the first half of the story while the forthcoming IT: Chapter Two will follow the adult Losers' Club battle with Pennywise. The first IT movie carried over a lot of iconic passages from the novel, including the haunting storm drain scene. The house on 29 Neibolt Street is a key location in both the book and movie, with the Losers encountering Pennywise several times at the house. In the book, the creature first takes the form of a leper to terrify Eddie outside the house and it later assumes the form of a werewolf to chase Richie and Bill.

IT scary doors

In the IT novel, the house on Neibolt Street is a small, rundown house but in the movie, but it looks more gothic and outwardly creepy. The house is built over the well house where Pennywise resides, with the sewer tunnels giving him easy access to the entire town. After some close calls during their fight in the Neibolt House, Pennywise retreats down into the sewers, which forces the team to head underground to face him again.

The house on Neibolt Street is essentially Pennywise's home in IT so it's only natural for it to be insanely creepy. The sequence where the kids head to the house to find Pennywise is one of the most effective of the movie, and it will make a return appearance in IT: Chapter Two.

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