IT Trailer #2 Teaser; Full Trailer Arrives This Thursday

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The second trailer for the Andrés Muschietti directed IT is scheduled to be released this Thursday. Following the second IT trailer's premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, fans of the original best-selling novel written by Stephen King have a lot to be excited about. And with an R rating officially in place for what is shaping up to be an especially mature big screen adaptation of the beloved horror book, things are looking up for King fans the world over.

Adaptations of King's literature are popular in general right now, what with The Dark Tower movie arriving early next month, along with the upcoming Hulu original series Castle Rock (itself, inspired by King's collective literary work) and The Mist TV series adaptation (based on King's story of the same name) currently airing on Spike. It was previously reported that the new trailer for Muschietti's own King adaptation would be arriving this week, but now we have a firm date in place for said trailer launch.

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As confirmed by the teaser clip that has been released online (see the video above), the second trailer for IT is all set to make its way online this Thursday. Whether or not fans can expect to see the other two exclusive clips from Muschietti's movie that were screened at SDCC last week anytime soon, that's another matter. For now, however, those who are eager to see more of the new version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown can rest assured that he will be terrorizing viewers in the new theatrical trailer.

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise in IT Movie 2017

Based on the descriptions of the footage from those who caught it at SDCC, the second trailer for IT aims to frighten and titillate moviegoers with plenty of familiar imagery and set pieces designed to unsettle even the most stoic horror film fan. Muschietti and company are aiming to attract a sizable crowd to their King film adaptation too, what with plans for IT Part 2 to begin filming next year (covering the second half of King's source material), already in motion.

King has long been a fan favorite in the horror and fantasy genres, and IT is still a frequently cited touchstone work from over the course of his entire career. Only time will tell whether or not Muschietti and company do right by the original novel and its legion of fans, so here's to hoping that they do.

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