IT Movie's Sydney Premiere Gets Cool Red Balloon Marketing Campaign

IT's Sydney premiere is being promoted by red balloons tied to sewer drains around the city. This is but the latest in an absolute marketing blitz for the soon to release horror film, which is projected to break several opening weekend records, and help Hollywood rebound from a summer that was down almost across the board. It's a bit odd in the abstract that a movie about a child-eating monster from beyond the stars has become such a phenomenon, but IT has too major factors going for it in the fan anticipation department.

The first is that IT is an adaptation of a book by Stephen King, one of the most popular authors in history, and pretty easily the most popular horror author. Despite the large number of terrible adaptations of his work made for film and TV, the name Stephen King still draws instant notice, especially when it concerns one of his most beloved novels.

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The second factor is just how popular IT's 1990 miniseries adaptation has become in the years since its release, mostly thanks to Tim Curry's iconic performance as Pennywise the Clown, IT's preferred form when terrifying victims. Curry's Pennywise has launched a thousand memes, and given the character massive brand recognition. Thankfully, Bill Skarsgard seems prepared to continue that legacy. Included below are images of the balloons popping up around Sydney, although it's unclear if being down under means that everything sinks instead of floats.

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...and in Martin Place.

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It's kinda cool really how IT has managed to make a simple red balloon into such an object of fear, at least among those aware of the object's significance in King's cursed town of Derry. Of course, it's just an extension of what Pennywise has done for clowns as a whole, turning them from colorful characters meant to amuse children into creepy monsters that kids want to run screaming from. To be fair, Pennywise isn't the first scary clown in the history of horror, although it's hard to argue that he's not the most famous.

This weekend - just under 27 years since the miniseries aired - IT awakens once again, this time to terrify a whole new generation of viewers. If director Andy Muschetti's film ends up being as good as it looks though, one wonders if anyone will ever feel the need to adapt King's book again.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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