IT Star Says Pennywise Is Scarier Than Stranger Things' Demogorgon

The casting of Wolfhard in IT almost feels like it was meant to happen, as while Stranger Things is influenced by and pays homage to lots of classic horror and sci-fi stories, Stephen King's stylistic ingerprints can be seen all over the series. In fact, the Duffer brothers have admitted that being passed over to direct the upcoming IT movie is partially what inspired them to create their own story in a similar vein, thus leading to what became Stranger Things.

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At this point, the IT hype train is running full steam ahead, with the film's arrival in theaters just over a week away. As part of the continued promotional push, nearly all of the young Losers' Club actors appeared on ABC's Good Morning America - and while there, Wolfhard saw fit to proclaim that IT's preferred Pennywise the Clown form is a much scarier adversary than was Stranger Things' brutal Demogorgon. His elaboration as to why is below.

"The Demogorgon you could kill, for real, but Pennywise can shapeshift into anything and is kind of immortal, in a sense. I think that's why he's scary, because he's more of a being."

While Wolfhard's points are certainly sound, it's worth noting that the trailers and marketing for Stranger Things season 2 make it seem like the residents of Hawkins will soon be facing a monster much more powerful than the Demogorgon. Over in Derry, Pennywise sits at the very top of the food chain, as an embodiment of pure evil. An ancient destructive force capable of manipulating reality itself in almost any way he chooses, Pennywise rules his home with an iron fist, that is until he runs up against the combined powers of the Losers' Club. In that sense, comparing Pennywise to a mere murderous beast like the Demogorgon is almost unfair.

It's fitting that Wolfhard still has Stranger Things on the mind though, as it's a toss-up among many horror fans as to whether they're looking forward more to IT or Stranger Things season 2. If IT ends up being as successful as early box office projections suggest, it'll be interesting to see if Wolfhard continues to carve out a niche for himself within the horror genre, or instead decides to take a break from monster hunting after battling Pennywise.

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