IT: Georgie Warns Against Texting & Talking During Movies

Georgie from IT warns against talking or texting during movies, in a new PSA for Alamo Drafthouse. At this point - just four short days after the film debuted in theaters - it's safe to say that IT has quickly become a full-on cultural phenomenon. The Stephen King adaptation absolutely crushed the competition at the domestic box office, outperforming all advance expectations with a $123 million opening weekend. When international sales are added in, that total climbs to a whopping $179 million worldwide opening.

It wasn't just audiences that dug IT either, as critics loved the film too. IT currently sits at an impressive 87% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which likely helped convince some moviegoers that were on the fence to shell out the money and go see IT in theaters. Perhaps most importantly, King himself also loves Andy Muschetti's adaptation of his gargantuan novel, personally endorsing every change made to his prose on the way to screens.

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If there's anything most people tend to hate about going to the theater though, it's the epidemic of talking and texting that often takes place during the film. One would think turning a cell phone off or shutting one's mouth wouldn't be that hard to accomplish - but as many audience members experience on an all-too regular basis, those simple tasks prove too difficult for many. In that spirit, the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain has released a new anti-talking and texting PSA starring young actor Jackson Robert Scott, in character as Georgie from IT. Check it out above.

It Movie Remake Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise

As beloved as the Losers' Club actors themselves have quickly become by fans, IT devotees have also come away with a lot of appreciation for Scott's performance as Georgie. His opening deadly encounter with Pennywise sets the tone for the rest of the film - and if he had done poorly, the rest of the story might have been effected. Scott also held up his end in a heartbreaking scene later on, when a grieving Bill meets "Georgie" in Pennywise's sewer lair.

Judging by the above video, Scott clearly has a good sense of humor about the role, despite his young age. While the main story of the child Losers has now been told, one wonders whether fans will get to see any more of Georgie - or at least his Pennywise-created ghost - in IT: Chapter 2, when it arrives.

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