IT: Clown-Only Screening Announced By Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse has announced that it will be running a special 'clown-only' screening of IT, where all attendees must be dressed as clowns to enter. The cinema chain is known for their special events and focus on proper cinema etiquette, good food, and drinks (including booze!), and they're doing something a little bit special for the release of Stephen King's IT in a couple of weeks.

The film is based on King's novel of the same name - a story previously adapted as a 1990s TV miniseries that scared the pants off many fans as children. Promising to be scarier by comparison, IT (2017) updates the setting from the '50s to the '80s, and promises to cash in on both the love of Stephen King and the recent success of '80s themed horror like Netflix's Stranger Things. Of course, there's no guarantee that IT will be a huge success, as King adaptations have something of a spotty track record, and this month's The Dark Tower was a critical flop that angered fans of the series. Still, whether IT is fantastic or frighteningly bad, the Alamo Drafthouse is determined to have fun with the release.

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Alamo Drafthouse has now announced a special 'clown-only' screening of the film to take place on Sept 9th at the Mueller location in Austin, Texas. The event starts with a pre-party earlier in the evening, where face-painting, photo booths and a raffle are promised, and all attendees are required to come in clown costumes in tribute to the evil villain of the film, Pennywise.

This isn't the first time that the Alamo Drafthouse has themed a special screening to the subject of a film. The chain made headlines earlier this year with the release of Wonder Woman and the announcement of a woman-only screening for the film.  The screening sold out so quickly that the chain added multiple other woman-only screenings, but there was plenty of backlash over the event as well. One man even launched a lawsuit against the chain, claiming that the event was discriminatory.

It's unlike that there will be anything like that kind of backlash against a clown-only screening, at least, as anyone can come as long as they slap on their facepaint and 'get ready to float with us'. Of course, this event also means that anyone with a fear of clowns is going to want to avoid this particular Drafthouse location on the 9th, as we can only assume that fans of the film are going to go all-out - and that's going to mean a lot of scary clowns in one place!

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