IT Clips: Do You Want a Balloon?

A trio of new clips from Stephen King's IT feature both Pennywise and the Losers' Club. After a summer that has seen a number of movies come up short of expectations at the box office, projections point to a somewhat unlikely savior for Hollywood coming in less than two weeks: IT. As beloved as King's novel is - and as iconic as Tim Curry's portrayal of Pennywise in the 1990 miniseries adaptation has become - it's unlikely that anyone was anticipating back at the beginning of 2017 that an R-rated movie about a child-eating monster would be looking at breaking more than one box office record.

Yet, that's exactly what looks to take place, as the most recent box office projections have IT hauling in a whopping $60 million domestically over the course of its opening weekend, more than recouping its production budget and setting a new record for biggest September opening. That number would also enable IT to take over the top spot when it comes to biggest openings for R-rated horror films as well. In short, IT's gonna be huge.

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As IT's arrival gets ever closer, the levels of anticipation only seem to be increasing, especially since the first wave of critical reactions on social media have been almost uniformly positive. To keep the hype train chugging along, Warner Bros. has released three new clips from IT, two spotlighting the Losers' Club and one putting the focus on Pennywise's infamous encounter with Georgie.

The first clip, entitled 'This Town Is Cursed', features the Losers having a conversation about all the terrifying things they've encountered in Derry, which all of course trace back to the titular shape-shifting creature. This clip recalls a similar scene in the miniseries, in which the group talks about what they've seen, almost immediately prior to a rock fight with Henry Bowers and his gang of bullies. In this version though, Mike Hanlon is already present, instead of arriving while on the run from Henry.

The second clip, titled 'Take It', is a shortened version of the Pennywise/Georgie scene that was shown as a special preview prior to screenings of Annabelle: Creation, but will obviously be fresh material for anyone who didn't head out to see that film. For anyone who doubted Bill Skarsgard's casting, this clip can serve as evidence that he was the right choice. Finally, clip three, called 'I Don't Want to Go Missing Either', features a nervous Eddie Kaspbrak expressing a desire to not go searching for Georgie in the sewer along with his friends. It's hard to blame him though, for obvious reasons.

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