IT Chapter Two Teaser Confirms Trailer Drops This Thursday

Warner Bros. has released a teaser video announcing the trailer for its Stephen King horror movie sequel, IT Chapter Two, will arrive this Thursday. The studio's first IT film was a huge box office success in 2017, and several King adaptations have since either entered development or gotten a green-light as a direct result. Written by Gary Dauberman and directed by Andy Muschietti, IT adapted the first half of King's novel and followed the members of the Losers' Club as kids growing up in Derry, Maine, in 1989. It also ended with a direct tease of what's to come in this year's sequel (which is based on the rest of the novel).

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IT Chapter Two will pick up twenty-seven years later, as Pennywise re-emerges in Derry and the Losers must reunite to stop him, once and for all. The film includes most of the same creatives behind the camera, and brings back the young actors from the first IT for flashbacks to the Losers' childhood together. Those who are eager for their first proper glimpse at the adult Losers in the sequel won't have to wait much longer, either.

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WB has released a teaser video confirming the IT Chapter Two trailer will premiere online later this week on Thursday, May 9. The clip isn't officially online yet, but is being shown in NYC's Time Square. You can see a video of the teaser in New York below, courtesy of Instagram user ShaunWatson87.

While this will be the first official trailer for the sequel, WB and Muschietti have already screened IT Chapter Two footage at a handful of events. For starters, they showed off some behind the scenes material at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, teasing a famous scene from King's book where the adult Losers (including, Bill Hader as Ritchie Tozier) meet up at a Derry restaurant. More recently, at April's CinemaCon, the studio and director showed off part of the scene where a grown-up Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) encounters what she believes to be an old woman at her father's apartment. Muschietti also took to Instagram a couple weeks back to unveil the first look photo of James McAvoy as an older, greying Bill Denbrough in the movie.

So far, it seems IT Chapter Two is pretty faithful to King's source material, in the same way the first IT was. While it's still expected to ignore the strangest aspects of King's book like the original IT did, Muschietti has indicated that Chapter Two may dive deeper into the weirder parts of Pennywise's mythology than his previous film. The director's also said the sequel will be freakier and bloodier than its predecessor, so the trailer may offer a small taste of just that. Hopefully, though, it won't give too much away, seeing as the marketing for IT Chapter Two has managed to avoid spoiling the movie's biggest surprises quite well so far.

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