IT Passes $500 Million At Worldwide Box Office

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise in IT

IT continues to dominate at the box office, with the latest numbers bringing the horror film to half a billion at the global box office. On a modest $35 million dollar budget, the big screen version of Stephen King's IT has become one of only a handful of blockbuster horror films. After opening big, the film has continued to sizably increase its haul at the box office. Even more impressive is the numbers it's pulling in as an R-Rated film.

Despite the fact that IT premiered well after the end of the blockbuster season, it hasn't been without its competition. This past weekend, Kingsman: The Golden Circle was able to knock the film out of the top spot. While that's unfortunate news for IT, the two films have helped the September box office to break new records. And IT is far from finished setting new benchmarks.

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Variety is reporting that IT has now reached the $500 million mark at the global box office. While the film still hasn't topped horror rival The Sixth Sense's $672M, IT is now the highest-grossing R-Rated horror film in the world.

So far, the numbers for IT have been quite impressive considering how long it's been out and the restrictive nature of its rating. Still, it seems poised to easily top The Sixth Sense. Not only has the film continued to do well domestically and internationally, but it's yet to open in Japan, Germany, and Italy. Once it does, it's box office haul will help it become almost unbeatable for future R-Rated horror films.

Of course, the one contender that could top IT is the upcoming sequel. When it arrives, expect it to break even more records than the first movie. While Stephen King adaptations have had trouble on the big and small screen, director Andy Muschietti has managed to provide a solid hit and set up his future, in the process.

As IT continues its run at the box office, Warner Bros are giving fans plenty of looks behind-the-scenes. The most recent video offered a look at Bill Skarsgard's transformation into the creepy Pennywise. With IT gaining more fans weekly, expect a lot more content connected to the film to come as work on the sequel gears up.

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Source: Variety

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