IT 8-Bit Game Allows You to Battle Pennywise in the Sewers

Stephen King's IT has received an 8-bit tie-in game. The game is but the latest addition to Warner Bros.' marketing blitz for Andy Muschetti's film, which is now projected to possibly break the all-time domestic opening weekend record for a September release. IT also looks poised to easily take the crown of highest opening Stephen King adaptation, as well as possibly the highest opening R-rated horror film of all-time. The first of those records was only just set by The Dark Tower, while the second is held by Ridley Scott's gory 2001 sequel Hannibal.

An 8-bit game makes perfect sense as an IT tie-in, since the timeline of the Losers' Club's battles with the titular monster has been moved forward for this latest adaptation. King's book set the childhood portion of the story in the late-'50s, and the adult portion in its year of release. The 1990 TV miniseries adaptation did similarly, moving the childhood portion up to the early '60s in order to be in line with its premiere date. Accordingly, Muschetti's film sets the childhood portion in the '80s, and the adult portion  - to be covered in a separate film - in present day.

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The '80s of course played host to the original rise and temporary fall of the home video game industry, with Nintendo's 8-bit NES console ultimately emerging as the biggest winner of the decade. Several horror films of the time were translated to the 8-bit gaming realm, including A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. The IT game - which can be played HERE- is subtitled Enter the Sewer, and casts players in the role of Georgie's paper boat, the loss of which famously leads to his death at the hands of Pennywise.

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise in the IT remake

The actual gameplay is quite simple. Players use the left and right arrow keys to steer Georgie's boat around the screen, all while trying to rack up points by collecting red balloons floating in the sewer. Obstacles that must be avoided during the player's quest to earn points include missing children posters, children's shoes, sewer pipes, and of course Pennywise himself.

While IT: Enter the Sewer is clearly not meant to be much more than a brief time waster - which to be fair, could be said about quite a few vintage 8-bit games - it's still an amusing diversion, and an appropriate marketing gag for IT's '80s setting. Pennywise's maniacal laugh proves to be quite an unsettling sound effect, too.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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