International IT TV Spot Features New Footage & More Pennywise

A new Latin American TV spot for Andrés Muschietti's IT features new footage and more of Pennywise speaking. Last week, Warner Bros. unleashed the long-awaited second trailer for Muschetti's R-rated theatrical adaptation of Stephen King's IT. As with all of the footage for the film that has been released so far, the second trailer went over quite well with the masses, with IT sporting some of the biggest social media buzz coming out of San Diego Comic-Con.

One aspect of the second IT trailer that did lead to some division among fans was the reveal of Pennywise's (Bill Skarsgard) voice. Some found his voice to be lacking in the same menace brought to the role by Tim Curry back in 1990, while others found it eerie and unsettling. While some might suggest that folks are being a bit too picky about such matters when the surrounding film looks so good, there is arguably no more important thing to get right when adapting IT than capturing the correct tone for Pennywise.

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In a cool surprise, Warner Bros. Latin America unceremoniously unveiled a brand new TV spot for IT today, and instead of just being a shorter version of trailer #2, the spot actually includes quite a bit of new footage. The coolest part of said footage is definitely more of Pennywise speaking, in this case to Eddie Kaspbrak, in a seeming attempt to lure him in with lots and lots of red balloons. While Eddie's mom is famously overprotective of her son in King's book, in this case, she's probably right in not wanting him to talk to strangers. Check the spot out above.

Pennywise's line about Eddie having a lot of friends is repeated over and over, selling the title of the clip, which is simply "Friends." Friendship is of course arguably the strongest running theme in IT, as without each other, the Losers' Club would surely have been picked off one by one by Pennywise or one of IT's many other forms.

It's their care for each other and shared strength that enables the Losers to mount an attack against IT, even if everyone familiar with the book knows that it won't be enough, and they'll eventually have to come back for round two as adults. Still, the damage inflicted on IT by the child Losers is far more than any other kid unfortunate enough to live in Derry managed to do before them.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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