IT Movie Gets Its Most Terrifying Poster Yet

A new poster for IT is perhaps the most terrifying one yet. The marketing blitz for director Andy Muschetti's R-rated adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel has been heavy for several months now, and each day seems to bring cool new material promoting the film. Today's case in point is the amazing new poster below, sporting some of the most eye-catching art for IT to date.

Like much of IT's marketing, the poster plays off the scene where a sewer-dwelling Pennywise lures in poor Georgie Denborough by offering to return the paper boat that older brother Bill made for him. That sequence took place early in the novel, and was also the first big scene in the IT TV miniseries that aired back in the 1990s. It's an iconic part of the story as a whole, and looks just as likely to be many people's favorite scene in the new film version.

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The poster was created by Half Hazard Press, and will be handed out to those who attend the earliest screenings of IT at an ArcLight Cinema. In addition to probably being the scariest IT poster to date, the image is also arguably one of the coolest posters of 2017 so far. That's truly befitting IT, a movie that seems to have collectively captivated the world of pop culture, and is projected to make serious bank at the box office.

IT's latest poster is but one of many pieces of marketing ephemera to grace the internet recently, with a trio of new IT movie clips being released earlier today, along with a reel of behind the scenes IT movie footage that surfaced over the weekend. Also arriving over the weekend were the first critical reactions to IT on social media, which were almost completely positive and did nothing but up the anticipation levels for the horror film even more.

Will IT end up living up to the massive levels of hype surrounding it that continue to swell like one of Pennywise's trademark balloons? It's too early to say for sure, but all signs certainly seem to be pointing that way. With all the King adaptations of questionable quality that have hit cinemas over the years (including, most recently, The Dark Tower), it's about time that one came along and really knocked fans' socks off.

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Source: Half Hazard Press

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