It: 20 Wild Things The Losers Club Did Between Chapter 1 And Chapter 2

The Losers Club consisted of a group of children from Derry, who grouped together following being ostracized by their community. Consisting of Bill, Beverly, Richie, Eddie, Mike, Stan Uris, and Ben, the group vowed to stick together through everything. Especially when it came to a sinister spirit who manifested as a dancing clown. Following their adolescent escapade against It, the Losers Club vowed to return to Derry to defeat "It" when he returned after twenty-seven years.

The group grew apart after they all left Derry. Despite having a very deep connection as teenagers, they still managed to grow apart. However, It: Chapter Two explores what happens when The Losers Club returns to Derry to defeat It once again. However, neither the Stephen King novel or films fully explore exactly what happened to each member in between their battles with Pennywise. Thankfully, much has been pieced together through interviews and epilogues of various novels.

Considering all of the intense and scary things that they went through in Derry, it is a wonder that the Losers Club were able to grow up into well-adjusted adults. Most of them are getting along much better after putting Derry behind them. Unfortunately, all of those negative experiences are about to come rushing back when they return to Derry together. Fans do know that Pennywise is just as imposing in Chapter Two, but some things remain to be seen. Such as if the Losers Club will be able to return to normal when all is said and done.

Here are 20 Wild Things The Losers Club Did Between Chapter 1 And Chapter 2.

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20 Bill Never Reconciles With His Parents

Following the tragic loss of his brother Georgie, Bill's parents never treated him the same. Whether they partially blamed him is not fully known, but they certainly ignored and neglected him afterward. Feeling withdrawn from his parents throughout most of his childhood changed Bill, and certainly not for the better.

As he grew up and moved away from Derry, Bill never reconnected with his parents. In fact, by the time he returns during It: Chapter Two, both of his parents have passed away. While the original novel and film do not show any signs of their reconciliation, the 2017 film does. However, something as serious as Georgie's passing will never be fully healed.

19 Ben Became A “Magazine Model”

When Ben Hanscom was last seen, he was the hefty member of the Losers Club. The overweight teenager was instrumental in defeating Pennywise, but he had struggled to avoid trouble with due to his weight. Following It's defeat, Ben focuses on his health as an adult and overcomes his own personal issues.

Once the "losers" meet up in Derry, Bill regards Ben as a "magazine model" due to how handsome he has grown to be. With leaked set photos revealing Jay Ryan taking up the role of Adult Ben in the upcoming film, the change is as drastic as the novel describes it. Ben has successfully grown from "ugly duckling" to "beautiful swan".

18 Mike Never Left Derry

While the rest of the Losers Club moved away from their home town, one of them stayed behind to keep tabs on It. Mike Hanlon elected to never move out of Derry so that he would be able to call the rest of the group back after Pennywise's twenty-seven-year hibernation.

By the rest of the group leaving Derry, it erased their memories of It and everything they went through in the summer of 1988/1957. However, because Mike stayed behind there is still one of them that remembers everything. Without this, it would be impossible for the group to return. While this was a lonely existence and a big sacrifice, it was necessary in order to keep the blood oath intact.

17 Beverly Continues To Be Harmed

The sad reality about Beverly's home life is that she is never treated like she deserves to be. Following her very unfortunate and harmful relationship with her father, she is not able to escape the circumstances later in life. Beverly is certainly strong enough to resist her attackers, but they remain in her life.

Following her escape from her father in Derry, Beverly moves on as an adult. However, it is unfortunately revealed that she continues to be physically harmed later in life. Her relationship with Tom Rogan is shown to be similarly painful. While she will get the opportunity to move on from all of this, fans have always wished that she had a much easier life during childhood and adulthood.

16 Famous DJ Richie

When all was said and done in Derry, The Losers Club were finally able to move on from their traumatic childhood. While some of the members moved on to business or family-life, Richie chose another path. It seems that his penchant for entertaining others finally got him somewhere - Richie would go on to become a famous radio DJ.

Known on the airwaves as Rich "Records" Tozier, he is highly showcased on California radio. Given Richie's charisma and personality, he is well suited for a career in entertainment. In fact, the other members of The Losers Club would say that getting him to be quiet was the hardest thing they ever had to do (and that includes taking on Pennywise!).

15 Eddie Never Spoke To His Mother Again

Jack Dylan Grazer Eddie It 2017

It seems that most of the parents in Derry do not know how to take very good care of their children. At least it seems to be most common amongst The Losers Club. Eddie's mother was a different kind of harmful to her son - she was over-protective to the point of smothering him. As Eddie learns in Chapter One, his mother has been lying about his illnesses for his entire life. Thankfully his relationship with his friends gave him the strength to stand up to her.

Eddie eventually gets married as an adult, and stops speaking to his Mother entirely. While the original film mentions that he lived with her as a single adult, Stephen King's source novel says that they drifted apart once he left Derry.

14 Stan Left All Of Derry Behind

As the Losers Club begin to get the news that they need to return to Derry, they each react in different ways. While they are all shocked and mortified to have their memories return, they each understand what they have to do. However, the news certainly hit Stan the hardest.

Stan is the only member of The Losers Club not to make it to Chapter Two's epic showdown. Instead of being able to face Pennywise again, Stan takes his own life before making the trip. Deep down, each of the other members knew they would have to return some day. Unfortunately, Stan had intended on leaving Derry (and Pennywise) behind for good.

13 Bill Marries An Actress

When the novel catches up with Bill, he has carved out a great life for himself. Bill would eventually become a writer in England and gets married to actress Audra Phillips. They even work together often, with Audra planning to star in a movie adaptation of Bill's novel. Out of all the other members of the Losers Club, Bill has certainly "glowed up" the most.

Audra plays a big part in the group's next encounter with Pennywise. IT plans to use her as bait in the same manner that he used Beverly in their first encounter, tugging on Bill's heartstrings. Given how alarming it is to encounter Pennywise, Audra certainly does not have to do a lot of acting when she comes face-to-face with him.

12 Ben Gave Away His Silver Coins

While the most recent adaptations have not fully explored for The Losers Club plans to defeat Pennywise, the novel and first film adaptation utilized the Ritual of Chüd. The Ritual of Chüd involves a battle of wits against Pennywise. By entering a metaphysical space where their minds can battle, the group has a chance to defeat It. In order to get to this state, the group wounds him by using Ben's silver coins in slingshots.

Following Chapter One, Ben sells all his silver coins. Considering that he lost all of the memories associated with his childhood, he did not know how important they were to The Ritual of Chüd. Since the upcoming film has not featured the ritual yet, these coins do not have any significance at the moment.

11 Mike Became A Derry Librarian & Historian

Since staying in Derry became Mike's main task to keep tabs on Pennywise, he found himself stuck in a fearsome town. Prior to the group's first battle, they found that getting as much information about Derry was a great weapon. After researching the town's origins, they were able to pinpoint Pennywise's habits and known whereabouts.

In preparation for their battle twenty-seven years later, Mike took it upon himself to learn even more. Mike eventually became Derry's resident librarian and historian. While it may seem to the rest of the town that it is his job, there is much more than that. Mike has been researching for twenty-seven years on the best strategies for when he meets Pennywise again. Given his knowledge, Mike is the most well-equipped one to enter the next chapter.

10 Richie Finally Perfected His Voices

"Richie Tozier's the name, and doing voices is my game." While young Richie has to constantly clarify who he is trying to impersonate, he thankfully gets much better with age. As someone who now entertains for a living, he has had the time to perfect his craft.

Richie is certainly the funniest Loser of the group, and that carries on to adulthood. However, he has thankfully improved his delivery and accuracy. A big part of his DJ career is continuing the impersonations that he did as a child, just much better. To be honest, they couldn't have been much worse so there was only room for improvement on his part.

9 Eddie Stayed In Touch With Richie

Upon arriving in Derry for their return battle with Pennywise, the Losers Club have not seen each other for years. In fact, since leaving Derry most of them have not even thought about each other. However, there are two members who managed to stay in touch over the years.

As children, Eddie and Richie may have seemed like adversaries but they were incredibly close. Their personalities were very different, but that seemed to draw them closer together. This meant that they even kept in touch as adults. While their memories about Derry may have faded over time, they always remembered each other. Knowing how their fates work out in the original Chapter Two, it makes their relationship even more upsetting.

8 Beverly Did Not Know Her Father Passed Away

After enduring years of harm, while living with her father, Beverly was finally able to get away. In keeping with how much she despised him for how he treated her, once Beverly leaves Derry she never looks back. While the other Losers had to deal with their childhood memories being erased after leaving Derry, Beverly was more than happy to forget.

Once the gang returns to Derry, they begin to uncover how things have changed in their absence. One thing that is uncovered is that Beverly's father has passed away since they were last there. While it stands to reason that most people know the status of their parent's health, this comes as news to Beverly. Given how their relationship was, perhaps it makes more sense that she didn't even bother to check in on him over the years.

7 Bill Almost Loses His Stutter

Despite being the de-facto leader of the Losers Club, Bill had to deal with a childhood ailment. Bill was plagued with a stutter which haunted him through most of his adolescence, and really crept up when he was nervous or scared. Given all that he went through in Derry, he earned the right to be scared.

Thankfully, Bill was able to overcome the stutter as an adult and put it completely behind him. Unfortunately, when his childhood trauma is reintroduced into his life, so is his stutter. When Mike calls him with the news to return to Derry, his speech impediment returns as quickly as it left. With so many awful memories about Derry rushing back to him, it makes sense that all aspects of his childhood reappear. Even the ones that he thought he got rid of.

6 Mike Was Always Afraid Of Henry

Patrick Hockstetter Henry Bowers It 2017

Apart from Pennywise, the Losers Club did have to deal with another adversary together. While not as frightening as a scary clown in the sewers, Henry Bowers was just as dangerous in their childhood. As horrible as he is mean, Bowers tormented each of the Losers when they were young, and even went as far as harming some of them physically.

Well into adulthood, Mike has retained his memories of the Derry adolescence. While having nightmares about Pennywise can be understood, Mike still struggles with nightmares about Bowers as well. Mike was one of the Losers who had it the worst from Bowers and his gang, as they attacked him for being different than the others. It seems that this had as much of an effect on Mike as Pennywise did, and he still cannot shake the feeling of being bullied.

5 Beverly Grew Her Hair Again

Out of all the Losers, Beverly may have had the most strenuous childhood. Combined with the abuse by her father with how the town of Derry treated her, it drove Beverly to feel devalued as a person. The most constant aspect of her physicality that was mentioned by others was her fiery-red hair, particularly by her father. In an act of defiance, Beverly cut her flowing red hair so that she would draw less attention to herself.

As she grew into an adult, Beverly would grow her hair out again. Thankfully, along with her hair, she also grew and found a way to overcome the adversity she had faced her entire life. While she may have experienced a lot of adversity, Beverly also came out incredibly strong on the other side and got to have control over her life again.

4 Richie Became The Ladies Man

Despite being a member of the Losers Club, Richie always fancied himself as a ladies man. However, his track record during his time in Derry never quite reached his self-proclamation. Combine this with the fact that he was also too nervous to speak to girls, and he did not have much of a chance of ever achieving this status. However - against all odds, as some would say - Richie would eventually live up to his name.

After becoming a well-known DJ in California, Richie began to speak with many different women. After leaving behind his life in Derry, he was able to gain a lot of confidence and became the most unlikely ladies man of the group.

3 Bill Keeps A Picture Of Georgie In His Bedroom

The catalyst for the Loser Club's showdown with It stemmed from Bill losing his younger brother Georgie to Pennywise. This devastation caused Bill and the group to begin to research the underbelly of Derry, which brought them down the rabbit hole of destroying their adolescence. While Chapter Two will explore what happens to the group, it is safe to say that Bill never forgot his brother.

In fact, Bill continues to keep a framed picture of his little brother in his bedroom. No one should expect him to forget what happened to Georgie, and it seems to have driven him back to Derry twenty-seven years later. The question is, will he ever be able to move on from the unspeakable tragedy?

2 Eddie Never Explored His Orientation

Pennywise Attacking Eddie in IT

Eddie's original story from Stephen King's novel was much different than how it was depicted in the most recent film. While both stories include his battle with hypochondria and his relationship with his mother, his orientation is never discussed in the 2017 version. There is a lot of speculation that Eddie is in the closet as a teenager, which is something that Pennywise zooms in on during his first attack on him.

When he returns to Derry in Chapter Two, he is married to a woman named Myra. It seems that despite having thoughts about a different orientation, he never explores them. Whether or not he decided against it or repressed his feelings is unknown, but there may be something inside of Eddie that he never got to explore.

1 Henry Bowers Needs A Nightlight In Institution

While not a member of the Losers Club, each member has the same relationship with Henry Bowers - they were all bullied by him. In fact, they all have a lot of reasons to be afraid of him since he has already been possessed by Pennywise in the past. Not only has he had it in for the Losers Club over the years, but he has also been shown to be incredibly dangerous and willing to harm them.

Following being influenced by Pennywise to take out his own father, Bowers was incarcerated in a psychiatric institution. Bowers has undoubtedly had a lot of issues to deal with, but this situation only compounded it. In fact, his time spent at the institution has required him to keep a nightlight on during all hours of darkness. It seems that Bowers was affected by Pennywise more than everyone realized.


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