UK Comedy Series 'IT Crowd' Returns for One Final Episode

The IT Crowd - Cast

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" If Ricky Gervais reprising his role as David Brent in The Office Revisited wasn't enough for British comedy fans out there, some good news has arrived. Graham Linehan's geeky sitcom The IT Crowd, which has been sitting still with four seasons and no conclusion since 2010, will finally come to an end.

Lineham recently answered questions at a digital conference in Germany and revealed that there will be one final 40-minute episode coming together to finish the series off.

BleedingCool says the script for this wrap-up was completed over a year ago. But since Parkinson got pregnant, and O'Dowd and Ayoade have been busy working on their film careers, it was postponed. At the time, Linehan said the special would be filmed in a few weeks.

For those who don't know, The IT Crowd (available to watch on Netflix and Hulu) is a British sitcom following the frequently nerdy and hilarious antics of three staff members in the IT department of Reynholm Industries. Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids, This is 40) plays Roy while Richard Ayoade (The Watch) plays Moss, under the misguided leadership of Jen Barber (Katherine Parkinson), their inexperienced and technologically clueless department head.

The IT Crowd - Richard Ayaode as Moss

Originally, there was supposed to be a fifth season of The IT Crowd, but that never came to fruition in favor of just this special that has been gestating for awhile now. Fans have been eager to see how these characters finish their story after the end of season four, so hopefully this special arrives before the end of the year.

British television really knows how to give a show time to blossom and never overstays its welcome. And frankly, the idea of an extended special finale, while not unheard of in the conclusion of American television seasons, would be much better than an entire farewell season. In the case of The IT Crowd, this super-sized episode should be just what the doctor ordered.

For a show that never really recieved a proper release in America, it's surprising to see how many people have discovered the show since all four of the old seasons have been laying dormant on Netflix and Hulu. We've featured a clip or two in SR Geek Picks before, but now the higher profiles of O'Dowd and Ayoade should get even more eyes on this finale special whenever it's completed and airs.


Stay tuned for any updates on The IT Crowd special finale.

Source: BleedingCool [via:LaughingSquid]

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