It Comes at Night Final Trailer: Paranoia, Love, Pain & Evil

The final trailer for the psychological horror film It Comes at Night is now online. It Comes at Night is the new offering from acclaimed writer/director Trey Edward Shults and serves as the followup to Shults' directorial debut, Krisha from 2015. Story-wise, Shults' second film revolves around a family that's quietly surviving in an isolated home while the rest of the world is (seemingly) ravaged by some unnatural threat - only for trouble to find them anyway, when a young couple makes their way to the family's refuge.

As previously intimated by It Comes at Night's first trailer and poster, the film is shaping up to be a menacing sophomore outing for Shults and one that may appeal to the arthouse crowd that has flocked to theaters to see such like-minded horror movies as The Witch and It Follows, in recent years. It Comes at Night is also the first in a two-picture deal that Shults struck with A24, a studio that has become the go-to source for creative indie film visions over the past few years.

The newly-released final It Comes at Night trailer provides another sneak peek behind the curtain of all the enigmatic paranoia, love, pain, and evil soon to come from the movie proper. Backed by a series of moody quotes from several prominent poets and philosophers - in addition to a quote from the infamous psychopath Charles Manson - the final trailer for It Comes at Night definitely paints a picture of something terrifying soon to come.

Suggesting the degree to which cabin fever can play upon the emotions and fears of any group of people forced to spend an extended period of time together, It Comes at Night appears to promise a thoroughly unsettling horror production - where the terrors may well prove to be both real and imagined. After his work on Krisha, Shults is primed to deliver another film that cinephiles will want to be sure to take note of.

It remains to be seen how well It Comes at Night fares among general audiences, but with any luck the low-budget movie will find an audience on the same level as The Witch did last year, if not a bigger one. It Comes at Night's cast includes such established character actors as Joel Edgerton (The Gift), Carmen Ejogo (Alien: Covenant) and Riley Keough (American Honey) in leading roles, so that should help its cause in this respect.

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Source: A24

Key Release Dates
  • It Comes at Night (2017) release date: Jun 09, 2017
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