IT Takes Over Clue & Monopoly With New Versions Of The Classic Games

It Clue Game

IT has taken over Clue and Monopoly with new versions of the classic games. Since first being introduced in 1949 and 1935, respectively, the two games have become staples in board game collections around the world. Today, both games are owned by Hasbro, who have often taken to licensing the games out for different versions based on popular films, television programs, and cities of the world.

The creation of different versions of older games has grown in popularity over the years, with Hasbro being only one of several game manufacturers who have taken to aligning themselves with pop culture mainstays like The SimpsonsStar WarsThe Lord of the Rings, or James Bond. And with the next chapter of horror author Stephen King’s IT adaptation set for autumn 2019, now seems as good a time as any for Warner Bros. to capitalize on the growing momentum of board games, while promoting IT: Chapter Two in a fun and engaging way.

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News of IT’s latest incarnations come to us courtesy of custom game makers The OP, who will be releasing three different IT-themed games: IT MonopolyIT Clue and the first ever signature game based on the wildly successful horror novel turned film, IT: Evil Below. While both the Monopoly version of IT, as well as IT: Evil Below, aren’t due to be released until some time later this year, the Clue-themed version of IT is set to be released this month.

Exactly what makes these games unique beyond the tie-in of a well-known horror IP are the slight variations they offer to their gameplay. Clue, for example, somewhat alters its traditional whodunit formula in order to create a game that places the Losers' Club on a quest to uncover the extent of killer clown Pennywise’s plan. Players travel from different locations in the town of Derry as the Losers' Club, working to unravel the mystery before it’s too late. Similarly, IT Monopoly sees players concentrating on the town of Derry and its network of sewers to develop properties within the seemingly tranquil town, all while utilizing distinct tokens from IT - such as an inhaler, a paper boat, and a bicycle. For IT: Evil Below, however, gamers must all work together as the Losers' Club in this intense-sounding dice and card game that aims to rid Derry of the vile Pennywise once and for all.

The idea of licensing IT as a variety of board games (both classic and new) is a great one, especially given the ever-persistent popularity of the story’s villain, Pennywise. Something about the crazed, shape-shifting clown has really hit a note with people over the years. That sort of timeless popularity fits perfectly with the likes of classic games such as Clue and Monopoly and, of course, leaves plenty of room for new forms of gaming like It: Evil Below. It’s unfortunate that an IT video game has yet to materialize, however, but if the upcoming second chapter of the IT film series continues to build on the IP’s existing appeal, then it may not be much longer before a video game version of IT is available. Until then, the board games should suffice.

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Source: The Op

Key Release Dates
  • IT Chapter Two (2019) release date: Sep 06, 2019
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