IT Chapter Two Almost Featured Guillermo del Toro Cameo

IT Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti reveals Guillermo del Toro nearly had a cameo in the film as a school janitor, but it didn't happen.

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro nearly had a cameo in IT Chapter Two. During a press junket at Los Angeles’ Heritage Square Museum, director Andy Muschietti revealed the details about a high-profile guest appearance that would’ve changed the pacing of a critical scene. 

Muschietti released IT Chapter One in September 2017. Based on Stephen King’s famous horror novel, the adaptation follows the experiences of Derry, Maine teenagers. As the self-proclaimed Losers' Club deal with personal issues during the late ‘80s timeline, they form unbreakable bonds while investigating a mysterious being. IT Chapter One chronicles The Losers’ Club attempts to face their worst fears, and IT Chapter Two picks up the narrative in 2016 when Pennywise the Clown re-emerges after 27 years of hibernation. Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård portrays the titular villain in both films. The IT Chapter Two cast features new additions such as James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and Bill Hader.

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Per Slash Film, the aforementioned del Toro nearly made a brief appearance in IT Chapter Two. During the film’s recent press junket - in which the venue was transformed into a recreation of Derry, Maine - Muschietti not only revealed that his new film will indeed have some surprise cameos, but also laid out the specifics about a cameo that simply didn’t work for scheduling reasons. The IT Chapter Two director said that he’s “very ambitious” with cameo concepts, and that he planned for del Toro to portray a school janitor. The scene in question would’ve featured a collision between the janitor and a younger version of Ben Hanscomb, who runs into a librarian during a pivotal and rather spooky scene in IT Chapter One. According to Muschietti:

“I wanted Guillermo in the movie. Guillermo del Toro. We were this close… That scene, of course, would have been like five minutes longer if Guillermo was in it.”

IT Chapter Two poster with Pennywise

Muschietti also discussed the length of IT Chapter Two, which is nearly three hours long. As debates intensify about the pros and cons of streaming and theatrical experiences, filmmakers like Muschietti, Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino all seem intent on prioritizing their creative vision over audience demands. As for del Toro, he’s always been known for his creativity, imagination, and dark fantasy films that usually transcend the average viewing experience.

Based on Muschietti’s comments about del Toro’s near-cameo, it seems plausible that the janitor character might’ve become more than just another Derry professional. In IT Chapter One, Ben doesn’t personally have any strange experiences with the local librarian, though it’s clear that someone, or something, is keeping a close eye on his Derry research. A Guillermo del Toro cameo in IT Chapter Two most likely would’ve been more than just a passing moment, but rather a sign of things to come. 

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Source: Slash Film

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