IT Chapter Two's Trailer Spoils Two Major Deaths

IT Chapter 2 Losers young and old

WARNING: Spoilers for IT: Chapter Two

The first trailer for IT Chapter Two spoils two major deaths from the film. Though the trailer doesn't feature their actual deaths on screen, a key shot from the trailer reveals which main characters perish in the fight against Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

In Stephen King's IT, a group of kids from the fictional town of Derry, Maine band together to defeat the child-eating creature that resides in the town's sewers. Andy Muschietti's first adaptation follows the kids (official members of the Losers' Club) as they manage to effectively maim, but fail to kill, the killer clown. In the second and final chapter of the IT adaptations, the Losers return to Derry as adults 27 years later to finish what they started. And, while some of the club's members don't make it out alive by the end of the story, the trailer for IT Chapter Two spoils who those characters are.

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The trailer for IT Chapter Two includes a shot of the grown-up Losers looking at a storefront window that displays a reflection of their younger selves. Only, the older Losers are missing two key members who die in King's novel: Stanley Uris (Andy Bean) and Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ransone). So, even though the trailer doesn't explicitly spoil their deaths, placing the older and younger Losers side-by-side is evidence enough for fans of King's novel.

Young Losers in IT Chapter Two
IT Chapter Two adult Losers

Though all members of the Losers' Club survive by the end of the first IT, they're not so lucky as adults. In fact, one of the two major deaths in King's novel happens in one of the first few chapters. The death belongs to Stanley Uris by way of suicide. 27 years after their childhood fight against Pennywise, Mike Hanlon contacts the Losers, inviting them back to Derry to face off against Pennywise yet again. Only, Stanley is overcome with crippling fear, choosing instead to take his own life over going back.

The second death belongs to Eddie Kaspbrak, who does make it back to Derry, only to lose in the fight against Pennywise. That said, despite his death, Eddie throws his cautious sensibilities to the wind and proves his bravery in his final moments, satisfying a lifelong arc.

Now, considering that Eddie isn't with the Losers in the shot from IT Chapter Two's trailer, it's possible that this is a scene from the end of the film, post-Pennywise's defeat (not only is Eddie missing, but the remaining Losers looks a bit worse for wear). Thankfully, though, fans of the first film who haven't read the novel should be in the clear as far as spoilers go since it's also just as possible that Eddie is simply somewhere else during this scene (possible, but not likely). As for Stanley, though, audiences will learn fairly early on why Andy Bean wasn't on the call sheet that day.

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