IT Chapter Two Trailer: Pennywise & The Losers Are Back in Town

Pennywise in IT Chapter Two

Get ready to float again: the trailer for IT Chapter Two is here. A sequel to 2017's IT movie, Chapter Two adapts the second half of Stephen King's horror novel for the big screen. Writer Gary Dauberman and director Andy Muschietti are both back for Chapter Two, and are joined by actors like James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan and Isaiah Mustafa as the now middle-aged members of the Losers' Club. Select IT cast members also returned for the followup, including the youngsters who portrayed the Losers as teenagers and (of course) Bill Skarsgård as the child-munching Pennywise.

Warner Bros. has been relaxed about rolling out the marketing for IT Chapter Two so far, but for good reason. The original IT is the highest grossing R-rated horror film of all time (not adjusted for ticket price inflation), so there's clearly already a demand for the second part of the story. Nevertheless, with less than four months to go before the sequel's release and the summer movie season already underway, now seems like an appropriate time for WB and New Line to get the ball rolling on promoting this one.

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The studios announced the IT Chapter Two trailer was on the way earlier this week, when they unveiled a teaser video in NYC's Time Square. The preview is now online ahead of its premiere in theaters, along with a brand-new teaser poster. You can check both out in the space below.

IT Chapter 2 Poster

By the look of things, this is the same trailer as the IT Chapter Two preview that WB screened at CinemaCon in April. The majority of the video is taken from a scene where a 27-years older Beverly Marsh (Chastain) visits her childhood home in Derry, only to encounter a mysterious old woman living there instead of her father (non-spoiler: it's really Pennywise in disguise). It's a clever way of establishing the primary conflict in Chapter Two; namely, Pennywise is back and the Losers have to return to Derry to stop him, while at the same time confronting their own traumatic upbringings. The trailer subsequently ends with a sizzle reel of the Losers' Club together again and being terrorized by their old enemy, including a particularly memorable - and bizarre - moment from King's source material involving Pennywise and a giant Paul Bunyan statue.

So far, the marketing for IT Chapter Two suggests the sequel will adapt King's book the same way its predecessor did, as far as the overall tone and style are concerned. That might've gone without saying, seeing as both IT movies had (essentially) the same creative team, but it's no doubt comforting news for the many people who enjoyed Muschietti's previous adaptation and are excited to watch him bring that story to a close here. King, for his part, is an outspoken fan of the first IT film and has already voiced his approval of the sequel. As for everyone else: they'll have to wait a few more months to see if Muschietti and his IT Chapter Two cast have delivered the goods, as promised.

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