IT Chapter Two: The One Actor Who Played the Same Character in Both Timelines

IT's Losers' Club was recast with adults for sequel IT Chapter Two, but oddly enough, one character is played by the same actor in both timelines. Anyone who's read Stephen King's gargantuan IT novel knows that the story is constantly jumping between timeframes, and sometimes following a side character that has nothing to do with the Losers' Club's battle with Pennywise. When IT was first adapted into a well-remembered TV miniseries in 1990, the makers took a practical approach, splitting the story into two parts, one mostly about the Losers as kids and the other after they return to Derry as adults.

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The pair of theatrical IT films directed by Andy Muschietti ended up taking a similar path, with the first film entirely focusing on the Losers' Club as kids, and the sequel focusing (mostly, a few flashback scenes occur) on them as adults. Naturally, when movies are made two years apart and the sequel is set nearly 30 years later, the obvious thing to do with any returning characters is to recast them with older actors.

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That happened with the Losers' Club themselves, and every other character to appear in both the past and present timelines. Well, aside from characters that didn't need to age, such as Pennywise itself or the various illusions it conjures. However, in one instance this rule didn't apply. It's an odd case to be sure, and one viewers may not even readily notice.

Derry's Creepy Pharmacist Appears in Both IT & IT Chapter Two

Mr. Keene, Derry's resident pharmacist is an important figure in young Eddie Kaspbarak's life in both IT the book and its screen adaptations. Keene administers the pointless medications Eddie's hypochondriac mother insists he needs, only to one day take Eddie aside and explain to him that the medicine is a placebo, memorably referred to as a "gazebo" by Eddie in the first IT film. While Keene was portrayed as a fairly normal guy in the book and 1990 miniseries, Keene was turned creepy in the theatrical adaptation of IT, leering at Beverly in a way that would imply he's a pedophile. Keene also appears briefly in IT Chapter Two, when adult Eddie returns to the pharmacy.

Actor Joe Bostick Portrays Mr. Keene in Both IT Timelines

After creeping fans out in the first IT movie, actor Joe Bostick returned as an older Mr. Keene when Eddie goes back to Derry's pharmacy as an adult in IT Chapter Two. He's got old age makeup on, but other than that doesn't seem much different, and has an unpleasant encounter with Eddie prior to Eddie's even more unpleasant encounter with the leper in the pharmacy's basement. Curiously though, only Eddie interacts with Keene, which has made some fans speculate that Keene is actually deceased in the present, and Pennywise is just using his image to taunt Eddie. Whether this has anything to do with Bostick playing the character in both timelines remains unexplained.

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