IT Chapter Two Final Trailer: Pennywise vs. The Losers, Round 2

Grown Up Losers in IT Chapter Two

The official trailer for IT Chapter Two has arrived. It's been two years now since the first IT movie shattered box office records and helped to usher in the current renaissance of TV shows and films based on Stephen King's writing. And while this past spring's Pet Sematary was only a modest success at best, there are still a pair of much-anticipated King adaptations - namely, IT Chapter Two and this November's The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep - to go before 2019 draws to a close.

Directed by Andy Muschietti and written by Gary Dauberman (the duo behind IT), Chapter Two picks up twenty-seven years after the previous film, as Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgård) emerges from hibernation and begins feasting on the citizens of Derry again. As a result, the members of The Losers' Club - most of whom have since moved away and not spoken to one another in a long time - are forced to reunite and confront the demons of their past (figurative and literal alike) in an attempt to stop and maybe even kill the creature, once and for all.

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After dropping a brand-new poster and unveiling some footage during San Diego Comic-Con's ScareDiego event yesterday, Warner Bros. has since released the full-length trailer for IT Chapter Two online. Take a look in the space below.

Based on the descriptions, this is the same (final) trailer that WB screened at ScarDiego last night. The preview confirms that Pennywise has the ability to make people who leave Derry forget about him - meaning, most of The Losers have largely forgotten the creature when Chapter Two begins. The exception is Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa), who remained behind in Derry and has spent years studying Pennywise's history... and turned to using drugs for assistance. From there, the trailer offers a sneak peek of the horrors that await the Losers upon their reunion, including Beverly's (Jessica Chastain) visit to her old home - a scene that the teaser trailer previously highlighted - and a fresh sequence created for the sequel, where Bill (James McAvoy) tries to rescue a child from Pennywise in a carnival funhouse.

Judging by the trailers, IT Chapter Two will be overall trippier (in a good way) and otherwise freaky than its predecessor, even as it dives deeper into the themes of childhood trauma that the first IT movie explored. The sequel also promises to feature its share of memorably horrifying situations, including a moment that tops Beverly's previous bloody experience in a bathroom. All in all, the IT sequel's marketing has gotten the job done, so here's hoping that the final result lives up to all the hype.

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