Watch: IT Chapter 2 Trailer Gets Remade in LEGO

Everything is awesomely creepy in a LEGO-inspired reimagining of the IT Chapter Two trailer. Adapted from the classic Stephen King novel of the same name, the first IT film was released in 2017 to great acclaim. Directed by Andrés Muschietti, the film starred Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) and Jack Dylan Grazer (Shazam!) as two members of a group of children known as The Losers' Club, who find themselves tormented by a demonic entity known primarily as Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård). Where the book jumped back and forth between the past and present, the first film opted to merely explore the childhood encounters with the shapeshifting creature.

IT Chapter 2 will be set 27-years after those fateful events. Honoring a collective promise, the group return to the town of Derry when it becomes clear that Pennywise wasn't quite as vanquished as previously hoped and children once again begin to go missing. Although there will reportedly be flashbacks to their time as children, the second installment will largely follow the characters as adults as they seek to defeat once and for all an even more vicious and vengeful Pennywise. The film will star X-Men: Dark Phoenix's James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain as the grown-up versions of Bill Denbrough and Beverly Marsh, respectively. Bill Hader (Barry) also stars, as the adult version of Wolfhard's character, Richie Tozier. Skarsgård will, of course, reprise the role of Pennywise.

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Thanks to an animator on Youtube by the name of dt98films, the cast can technically add a different kind of movie to their resume: aLEGO movie. Unlike the family-friendly films that feature the voice of Chris Pratt (Avengers: Endgame), however, this video is a painstakingly thorough recreation of the recent IT Chapter Two trailer. The cast and score remain identical to the trailer, as do the moments - from Beverly's encounter with the increasingly eerie Mrs. Kersh to the appearance of a headless Georgie standing in the storm drain. Instead of live-action, though, each set and character is reimagined and built from the popular children's brick toys. The endeavor, which is as impressive as it remains creepy, can be checked out in full below:

It remains to be seen whether the sequel proves as popular and widely acclaimed as the first. If author Stephen King is to be believed, though, the adaptation is every bit as great as fans are hoping. IT Chapter Two isn't the only King adaptation currently on its way, either. Amazon is still pushing forward with their version of The Dark Tower. A limited series based on The Stand is also in the works over at CBS. And Hulu recently announced they will adapt Eyes of the Dragon to go with the second season of fellow King-inspired series Castle Rock. It's also set to be a big year for star McAvoy in terms of page-to-screen adaptations, who will also star in a highly anticipated BBC/HBO version of His Dark Materials - which received a brand-new trailer yesterday.

The first LEGO movie surprised critics and audiences alike when it was released in 2014. Capturing hearts and minds all over the world, a sequel was greenlit and released in early 2019. It also spawned The Lego Batman Movie, a direct spin-off from the first installment. Since then, recreating movies and TV shows in LEGO has only become more popular among online artists and animators, with Avengers: Endgame's final battle even receiving the LEGO treatment. Some of the effects in the IT version are a tad spotty, but there is no faulting the commitment and the sheer amount of effort that must have gone into making it. So enjoyable is the video, it's enough to make us wonder if LEGO movies will branch out into horror. It's highly unlikely, though, and as such, fans will just have to enjoy both versions of the trailer - as well as various Pennywise memes - until IT Chapter Two hits theaters and can both frighten and captivate audiences for real.

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Source: dt98films

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