IT Cast Imagines Which Adult Actors Would Play Them In Part 2

While Warner Bros.' marketing department hasn't really done much to make casual moviegoers aware of this fact, anyone familiar with either Stephen King's original IT novel or the 1990 miniseries adaptation starring Tim Curry realizes that this fall's IT movie won't be the end of the story. IT is a tale set in two time periods, one where the Losers Club' battle the titular monster as children, and one where the group reunites to fight IT again as adults.

Director Andy Muschetti's upcoming re-adaptation changes the time periods in question, moving the kid half to the 1980s and the adult half to present day, in an effort to modernize the story. King's book set the child portion in the 50s and the adult portion in the 80s, in line with when the novel was released. The miniseries accordingly adjusted that slightly to be 1960 for the kids and 1990 for the adults. The important part is that about 30 years separates the two halves of IT's tale.

Despite IT part 1's release still being a month or so away, talk is already beginning to turn toward what Muschetti and company are planning for part 2. During a recent interview with MTV, IT's young stars were asked who they would like to see play the adult versions of their characters in the sequel. Their suggestions range from possibly doable to probably unrealistic, but most make some sort of sense.

To start, Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) recommends Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader to play the adult version of Richie Tozier, the resident comedian of the Losers' Club. This casting idea is probably the most realistic one offered. Elsewhere, Sophia Lillis suggests Jessica Chastain for adult Beverly Marsh, while Chosen Jacobs picks Chadwick Boseman for adult Mike Hanlon. To round things out, Jack Dylan Grazier wants Jake Gyllenhaal for adult Eddie Kaspbrak, Wyatt Olef wants Joseph Gordon-Levitt for adult Stan Uris, and Jeremy Ray Taylor wants Chris Pratt for adult Ben Hanscom.

Unfortunately, young Bill Denborough actor Jaeden Lieberher didn't participate in the above interview, so it's unclear who he would choose for adult Bill. From an acting talent standpoint, all of the above suggestions would probably be great choices, although many are definitely long-shot picks. For one, Pratt and Boseman already have Marvel commitments on their plates. Still, if IT part 1 proves to be a big success, fans may very well be surprised at how many A-listers are interested in coming aboard the sequel.

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Source: MTV

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