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IT Chapter Two

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for the IT novel and possibly IT Chapter Two.

What happened to Richie Tozier in Stephen King's 1986 horror novel, IT? The character was portrayed by Stranger Things star, Finn Wolfhard, in Andy Muschietti's 2017 film, IT Chapter One. Actor Bill Hader plays the older version of the character in Muschietti's sequel, IT Chapter Two.

Richie was the most light-hearted member of the Losers' Club. The fear and terror didn't take control of him like it did the others. Richie had the nickname, "Trashmouth," for his constant use of foul language. That mouth frequently got him in troubles with adults and bullies in town, like Henry Bowers. Richie was known for wearing thick black-rimmed glasses, but he embraced them. The boy's favorite hobby was making jokes and doing impersonations, something that would go on to help overcome the trauma.

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Each member of the Losers' Club had solo encounters with Pennywise, including Richie. After Eddie's encounter, Richie accompanied Bill and the other to investigate the decrepit house on Neibolt Street. While there, Richie was attacked by IT in the form of a werewolf. The Losers regrouped and followed IT into the sewers. A battle broke out and Bill was able to defeat IT with the Ritual of Chud, sending the evil entity back into hiding. Richie and the Losers' Club then initiated a blood oath, promising to return to Derry when Pennywise awoke.

It Chapter Two Creepy Background

In the 27 years that followed, the second half of King's book revealed that Richie lived in Beverly Hills where he was a famous radio DJ. He ditched the glasses and traded in his nickname for "Records." Richie supposedly had a few relationships, but none of them worked out, so he was still unmarried. Besides his radio job, Richie also perfected his comedic impersonations. After Mike's call informing of IT's return, Richie instantly traveled back to Derry to help the fellow Losers.

The Losers' Club reunited, except for Stan, who committed suicide following Mike's phone call. Not long after, the group suffered personal interactions with IT, forcing them to come up with a plan to take the demon down once and for all. They entered back into the sewers and Richie helped Bill with the Ritual of Chud just as they did as kids. While they were trapped in another universe from the ritual, Eddie bravely tried to distract IT to rescue his friends. It worked but Eddie got killed in the process, devastating Richie as they viewed each other as best friends. The surviving members of the Losers' Club then managed to defeat IT for good.

The curse was finally over and the group was able to move on with their lives. Richie, Bill, and Mike stayed in Derry for a few days after the confrontation before they went their separate ways. To put the past behind him, Richie returned to California and gradually learned to forget IT and the Losers.

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