What Happened To Bill In The IT Book

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the IT novel and possibly IT Chapter Two.

What happened to Bill Denbrough in Stephen King's 1986 horror novel, IT? The character was played by Jaeden Martell in Andy Muschietti's 2017 film adaptation, IT. Actor James McAvoy plays the adult version of Bill in the movie's sequel, IT Chapter Two.

Bill Denbrough was the leader of the Losers' Club when the group was originally formed. He was a very brave kid but he was often the target of torment from Henry Bowers, due to his stutter. After his little brother, Georgie, was taken and presumably killed by the hands of Pennywise, Bill led the fight against the ancient entity. Georgie's death was Bill's driving force against taking down IT in the hope that no more families in Derry had to go through what his family endured. Bill often kept the Losers' Club focused and on track with their missions.

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After a number of terrifying encounters with Pennywise the Clown in his various forms, Bill led the Losers into the sewers. While there, Bill made the dangerous decision to engage in the "Ritual of Chud", an ancient practice used to repel evil spirits. With the assistance of "Turtle", a supernatural guardian that originated in the same universe as IT, Bill was able to successfully force the demonic entity to go into hiding. In the 2017 film, Bill came to terms with Georgie's death prior to the Losers' Club initiating a blood oath, promising to return when IT resurfaced.

IT Chapter Two adult Losers

In the years that followed the first encounter with Pennywise, Bill went on to become a well-known horror writer and he married a woman named Audra. 27 years after the Losers' Club disbanded, they were summoned back to Derry by Mike, informing them that IT was officially back. When Bill learned of IT's return, the fear rushed back, setting off the stutter he had as a child. He had no choice but to fulfill the promise and return to his hometown.

The Losers' Club reunited in Derry, except for Stan Uris, who committed suicide after hearing that Pennywise was back. While Bill traveled to the town, he was unaware that Audra followed him to finally get answers about his childhood secrets. She was then kidnapped by Tom Rogan, Beverly's abusive boyfriend who was under the control of IT. Tom brought Audra to IT's lair in the sewers and put her in a catatonic state. Once again, Bill and surviving members of the Losers' Club descended into the sewers to fight IT in one last battle. The true form of IT was revealed so Bill performed the Ritual of Chud just like he did as a child. This time, however, Bill defeated demonic entity for good.

Following the downfall of IT, a disastrous storm hit Derry and destroyed the downtown area, indicating that the curse was over. Audra was still in a catatonic state so Bill did everything in his power to help her overcome the fear. He got a hold of his childhood bicycle, Silver, and took her for a ride in town. The thrill of the bike ride and the security with Bill helped Audra get over her catatonic state and the pair were finally free to go back to their normal life.

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