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IT Chapter Two

Warning: Spoilers below for the IT novel and possibly IT Chapter Two.

What happened to Beverly Marsh after the events of Stephen King's 1986 horror novel, IT? Sophia Lillis played the role of young Beverly in Andy Muschietti's 2017 film adaptation, IT. The sequel, IT Chapter Two, hits theaters in September with Jessica Chastain portraying the adult version of Beverly.

Beverly was the only female member of the Losers' Club. She suffered a lot of trauma during her childhood, having been abused by her father. Beverly was also the target of harassment by Henry Bowers and other bullies in Derry. Despite everything she had endured, Beverly never backed down in the face of danger. After numerous encounters with Pennywise, she was always motivated to fight back.

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The Losers' Club tried to fight IT in the house on Neibolt Street where Pennywise manifested as a werewolf. Beverly hit Pennywise with a silver bullet using a slingshot and the entity descended into the sewers and The Losers' Club followed to end him once and for all. In the 2017 movie, Beverly was abducted by Pennywise and her friends traveled to the sewers to save her. After an odd sexual encounter with all of the boys in the novel following IT's defeat, Beverly and the rest of the Losers' Club agreed to a blood oath, promising to return in 27 years when Pennywise returned.

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In the second half of King's novel, those years had passed and Beverly was a fashion designer in Chicago. She was dating a man named Tom Rogan at the time and he had the same abusive tendencies as her father. Mike was the one to call her about IT's return so she immediately packed her things to travel to Derry. Tom hit her and tried to get her to stay but she managed to leave in a taxi.

Before Beverly reunited with the Losers' Club, she encountered Pennywise at her childhood home. IT was disguised as an old woman named Mrs. Kersh but the creature revealed himself after she ran from the house. Beverly then met the remaining members of the Losers' Club and learned Stan had committed suicide. They all encounter Pennywise a few more times in his various forms. During the time they prepare to take down IT, Beverly and Ben grew closer.

Unknown to Beverly, Tom was traveling to Derry to get her back. At some point, IT took control of Tom and forced him to kidnap Audra, Bill's wife. After delivering Audra to IT's lair Tom dropped dead after encountering the evil entity. The Losers descended on the lair and encountered Pennywise fully realized as his true form - a giant spider. The group fought the spider and lost Eddie in the process. Beverly shot IT with the slingshot, just as she did as a kid, and they successfully defeat the ancient entity for good.

Downtown Derry collapsed after a horrible storm and the Losers realized the curse was finally broken. Beverly and Ben left Derry together and headed out west. They married just a week after the ordeal. Shortly after, Beverly learned she was pregnant. After all this time, Beverly managed to move on and put her life in Derry behind her. It will be interesting to see how her fate compares in IT Chapter Two.

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