Extended IT Promo to Screen With Annabelle: Creation; New Art Released

Those who go check out the new Conjuring spinoff in theaters will get to see a special preview of the next Stephen King adaptation, too. The next several months are set to be eventful ones for those who love getting a good scare at their local multiplex. Between next weekend and the end of October, no less than four big name fright flicks are scheduled to hit theaters, all carrying with them big expectations from genre devotees. Arriving on August 11 is Annabelle: Creation, the latest addition to The Conjuring universe. In September, both Andy Muschetti's re-adaptation of Stephen King's IT and Sony's Flatliners remake are unleashed. Finally, Jigsaw returns to play a new game on October 27.

Based purely on advanced buzz, one would assume that IT will likely end up being the biggest hit of the above four films - but moviegoers can be an unpredictable bunch, especially when it comes to horror. For evidence of that, one need look no further than Blumhouse's massive hit Get Out, which rode critical raves to $252 million worldwide on a budget of only $4.5 million, despite not being pushed as a blockbuster release like IT.

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The studio with the most stake in the success of the above-mentioned horror films is Warner Bros., which is behind both Annabelle: Creation and IT. Creation is poised to head to theaters with great critical buzz, but a new report suggests that WB isn't taking any chances on whether the horror crowd will turn out for the film. According to Trailer Track, a 4-minute exclusive preview of IT will be attached to theatrical screenings of Creation, giving fright fans an awesome further incentive to go see the prequel. This preview is not expected to be released online.

To go along with this news, we have some new promotional artwork for IT (via Daily Dead), featuring Pennywise and young Georgie in the film. Check it out, below.

All the trailers, TV spots, and other footage released for IT so far has garnered mostly positive responses, with IT even coming out of San Diego Comic-Con season with an even higher level of widespread anticipation than it did going in. In that respect, it makes perfect sense for Warner Bros. to make this move, as horror fans perhaps teetering on the edge of shelling out the cash to go see Creation now know that not only will they get to check out Annabelle's latest venture, but all-new footage from IT as well.

On the other hand, one wonders if WB might be overplaying its hand a bit when it comes to IT footage as of late. In the last week, fans have gotten a new IT trailer, and two IT TV spots, all of which featured lots of previously-unseen footage. Assuming that the 4-minute preview will at least be mostly more new footage, WB could seriously be running the risk of giving too many of the best scares away before audiences arrive in September - leading to a situation where those looking to get scared are able to see too many of them coming before they happen.

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