IT TV Spot: Pennywise Stars In Nightmarish Bozo TV Show

A new TV spot for the IT remake shows Pennywise as the star of his own nightmarish television program. After a long drought of new footage from director Andy Muschetti's upcoming R-rated theatrical adaptation of Stephen King's IT, the last couple weeks has seen a ton of fresh material emerge from Pennywise's dark sewer lair. San Diego Comic-Con saw the debut of IT's second full trailer, which went over quite well with the crowd in attendance, then became a phenomenon when it was released online last week.

A couple days back, a Latin American TV spot supplied even more new footage, this time of Pennywise speaking to Losers' Club member Eddie Kaspbrak. That too received a mostly positive reception online, furthering IT's status as one of the most buzzed about movies of the fall. Now, a second TV spot has arrived, and it plays host to arguably the creepiest scene shown to date.

In addition to several instances of new Losers' Club footage sprinkled in, the spot ends with a positively nightmarish scene of Pennywise leading the audience of a Bozo the Clown or Barney-esque kids TV show in a chant of "Kill them all!" An oddly happy female host also participates in the foreground, sporting a facial expression sure to unsettle viewers. It's not clear what the context of this bit is, but it's hard to imagine that the Losers watching it aren't currently scared out of their minds.

If handled poorly, this is the kind of scene that could play as unintentionally comedic, but Muschetti seems to be capturing the right tone in the small portion shown. Furthering the creep factor is that if one looks closely, some of the kids chanting along with Pennywise in the TV audience are corpses, presumably of victims that IT has already claimed by that point in the film.

Aside from the kids show scene, another intriguing bit from the above spot is a short clip of what appears to be Beverly Marsh levitating somewhere within the Derry sewer system, with the other members of the Losers' Club running into the room below. Beverly is presumably being levitated by IT, but it's unclear why. Perhaps she had looked into IT's "deadlights," and become mesmerized by the creature. As with the previously released footage, today's TV spot will likely do nothing but increase fan anticipation for Muschetti's take on King's classic story.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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