Get Your Best Look at IT's Pennywise Yet

Two new images offer the best look yet at the new Pennywise. Stephen King has created dozens of memorable villains over the course of his writing career, many of which have gone to be immortalized on film, TV, or both. In the 1990s, the small-screen played host to several iconic portrayals of King baddies, including The Stand's Randall Flagg, Storm of the Century's Andre Linoge, and likely the most well-known today, Tim Curry's rendition of Pennywise the Clown in 1990's IT miniseries.

As respected as King's IT novel is, it was arguably Curry's performance that really made Pennywise an all-timer as a horror villain, lending a terrifying face and voice to the terrors that King had created on the page. Clearly realizing that a big part of the rabid fan anticipation for Warner Bros.' upcoming IT re-adaptation is the public's memories of being scared by Curry, director Andy Muschetti and company even saw fit to include a shout out to the '90s Pennywise in the most recent trailer for IT (2017).

Despite how large Curry's shadow looms over the production though, time marches on, and soon it'll be time for new actor Bill Skarsgard to try and make the Pennywise character his own. Reactions to the footage shown of him so far have varied, although it's obviously not possible to really judge his performance in such small chunks. As for still photos of the new Pennywise though, today brings fans perhaps their best close-up look to date at the monstrous clown. Bloody Disgusting obtained the images, which can be seen below.

The images look to be magazine scans, but BD isn't totally sure of the source at this juncture. Wherever they came from, the top picture provides a terrific high-res look at Pennywise's head and face, including what appears to be cracks in his forehead make-up. Those who've argued that Skarsgard's Pennywise isn't scary should perhaps look at said photo and see if it's time to reassess their position. That grin says nothing but "you're about to die."

The most striking aspect of the second photo is how much it stresses the size difference between Pennywise and his child prey, with young Eddie Kaspbrak looking almost like he could be squashed like a bug. At the same time, the wide-eyed expression that Pennywise sports in photo two is almost even creepier than the sinister grin in photo one. Pennywise is staring at Eddie with an almost child-like excitement as he draws nearer to the boy, no doubt planning what he'll do with him prior to dragging his corpse back to the sewer for dinner. Well, sweet dreams everyone!

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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