Hilarious IT Deleted Scene Gives Georgie a Happy Ending

Georgie may have suffered a gruesome end in ITbut a deleted scene offers him a happier fate. In the theatrical version of IT released last September, Georgie is one of Pennywise's first victims. He's seen playing amid the rainy streets of Derry, Maine, chasing a paper sailboat made for him by his brother Bill. It accidentally falls down a storm drain, and when Georgie goes to retrieve it, he's surprised to find Pennywise lurking in the sewer.

In the scene that follows, initially made famous by the 1990 miniseries, the clown entices the young boy to reach down and take the boat, but when he does, he severs his arm and drags him into the gutter. Bill is devastated, and his quest to piece together what happened to Georgie is a driving part of what pushes him to unravel Pennywise's grisly legacy.


In a deleted scene shared on Twitter, however, Georgie escapes unscathed. The music builds, he reaches down, and then plucks his boat back safely, calling, "See you later," to a stunned Pennywise as he trods back home. "Ah, sh-t," the clown laments.

The people who made IT (2017) actually made a joke version of the Pennywise/Georgie scene. I don't think I've ever heard of a film doing a joke version of a scene and actually keeping it as a deleted scene.

— Michael Edwards (@MEdwardsVA) January 15, 2018

Of course, this isn't so much a deleted scene as it is a funny bonus sketch, the kind of spoof you might see in one of the Scary Movie series' films. Georgie's death is integral to IT's story; without it, Bill might not have persuaded his friends to explore the Barrens, where they find the shoe of another missing girl, nor would Pennywise have something to taunt him with. The scene in which he uses Georgie's image to lure Bill into his basement is arguably one of the creepiest in the movie.

It also wouldn't have given the ending the same emotional pull. After tracking Pennywise to his underground lair, Bill encounters Georgie, but soon realizes it's just Pennywise in disguise and confronts him. The Loser's Club bands together to kill him, and Bill is finally able to accept his brother's death. Obviously, if Georgie had survived, things would have unfolded much differently.

Still, it's one of the funnier clips included on IT's home release. From the sounds of the list, most of the others are pretty mundane. Georgie does get a concrete resolution in the film, but perhaps he'll see more justice when the IT sequel arrives next year.


IT is now available on Blu-ray.

Source: Michael Edwards on Twitter

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