IT Director Reveals Cut Scenes, Teases Part 2 Opening Sequence

IT director Andy Muschietti has teased where IT Part 2 will take audiences - at the same time, revealing which scenes didn't make the final cut for the first part of his Stephen King horror novel adaptation (but which could appear in Part 2).

Based on King's 1986's novel - and being a loose remake of 1990's TV movie - Muschietti's IT will be the first time Pennywise the Dancing Clown has made it out of the sewers and onto the big screen for a theatrical release. Using King's text as gospel, the IT trailers have revealed that many iconic scenes from the book will be brought to life once more. However, Muschietti has also revealed what will (unfortunately) not be making the jump to the big screen, too.

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At an impressive 1,138 pages, some of King's original IT novel was inevitably not going to make the cut in the movie adaptation. That said, producer Barbara Muschietti revealed to Collider that one infamous scene depicting the massacre at the Black Spot won't make into the first IT movie (though Part 2 is another matter):

“They were able to [incorporate it into the script], but they were not able to incorporate it into the budget. Just like we weren’t able to, but it’s going on the second…that sequence with the Black Spot, we think it’s gonna be a great opening for the next film.”

Andy Muschietti working out a scene for IT Part 1

With Muschietti saving that scene for the equally-anticipated Part 2 of the IT saga, at least we now know how the second chapter of the horror saga will open. It wasn't just the Black Spot incident that fell by the wayside, and the director himself identified two specific scenes that he sadly couldn't film for IT Part 1:

“There are two sequences that I thought of that I had to postpone until more money comes. One is a flashback, that sort of portrays the first encounter of It and humans, which is an amazing scene. And the other is a dream, where Bill sees— he’s leaning on a bridge, in Derry, and he’s spitting on the Kenduskeag Stream, and suddenly he sees the reflection of a balloon. And he looks up and it’s not one balloon, but a bunch of balloons, and then he starts to see body parts, and the shot goes wider and it’s a multitude of dead kids floating. I couldn’t afford it.”

In particular, the shot of the floating children sounds like more of visual, while the first meeting of "IT" is more to help the narrative along. With Pennywise being just one form that the evil entity takes on, there is still time for Part 2 to add a lot more backstory to the legend of the creature, if Muschietti feels it is necessary.

While the first part follows the younger days of a group of tormented kids known as the Losers Club, IT Part 2 will follow them into adulthood as they are still haunted by the malevolent Pennywise. We have already seen the final trailer for Muschietti's first entry, and it is safe to say that we are all aboard the hype train for the remastering of one of King's most acclaimed pieces of work.

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Source: Collider

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