Every Song On The IT Chapter Two Soundtrack

IT Chapter 2 Songs Soundtrack

IT Chapter Two brought the Losers back to the big screen, along with a soundtrack that has something for every taste. Stephen King’s novel IT was famously adapted into a miniseries back in 1990 with Tim Curry as Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, and finally got a cinematic adaptation in 2017 thanks to director Andrés Muschietti. The first film, IT, covered the first half of the book, following the young Losers and their first encounter with IT in 1989.

IT Chapter Two catches up with the Losers 27 years later as IT makes its return. This part of the story is a very emotional one as the group had gone their separate ways and even forgot what they went through when they were kids – and a lot has changed in over 20 years. The performances of both the young and adult cast in IT Chapter 2 are enhanced by the soundtrack, which has songs from different genres to suit each scene.

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The IT Chapter 2 soundtrack doesn't have any new songs made specifically for the film, but it does feature some well known songs from the 1980s that connect to the first film. The soundtrack list is complemented by instrumental songs that played as background music in some IT 2 scenes, so they can be a bit more difficult to identify than others. Unlike other film soundtracks, the one for IT Chapter Two doesn't really follow a specific style, reflecting the vibe of the film – it's a horror film, yes, but it has many comedy and drama moments to balance the scares. Here are all the songs on the IT Chapter 2 soundtrack:

  • "El Capitan", performed by John Philip Sousa
  • "Estudiantina Waltz", performed by Emile Waldteufel
  • "Caro Mio Ben", performed by Cecilia Bartoli & György Fischer
  • "The Truce Hurts - Part 4", performed by Scott Bradley
  • "I Only Have You In My Heart", performed by Awa
  • "Don't Pick Roadside Flowers", performed by Lin Jing: Zhou Xiaoyu
  • "Tea Picking Dance (Cai Cha Wu Qu)", performed byChina Central Folk Orchestra Choir
  • "Clowning Around", performed by John Fulford and Alejandro Gonzáles
  • "In The Cave", performed by Meg York
  • "Word Up!", performed by Cameo
  • "Det Er Det Skønneste Jed Ved", performed by Max Hansen
  • "Cover Girl", performed by New Kids On The Block
  • "Angel of the Morning", performed by Juice Newton
  • "Five Note Scale", by John Williams

Perhaps the most famous songs on the IT 2 soundtrack are "Cover Girl" and "Angel of the Morning", both popular tunes from the 1980s, which were used either in flashback or present day scenes that connected to the events in the previous film, with the latter accompanying Eddie's confrontation with the leper for a comical bit of juxtaposition. Overall, the soundtrack has a bit of everything: from pop classics, to more hip-hop oriented songs, to instrumental pieces that sound a bit odd when thinking of a film like IT Chapter Two, but they all served a purpose. On the other hand, the original score was composed by Benjamin Wallfisch, who also worked on the score for the first film. Contrary to the soundtrack, the score is more horror-oriented, and takes listeners back to very specific moments in the story.

The IT Chapter 2 soundtrack is as diverse as the Losers themselves, with some songs softer than others, and some that feel more oriented towards a very specific audience. But in the end, the overall combination of the story, performances, direction, and music (both the soundtrack and the original score) make IT Chapter Two a unique horror movie that does justice to the source material.

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