IT Chapter 2 Teases Connection To Stephen King’s Christine

IT Chapter Two is littered with Easter eggs to Stephen King's other literary works, and one reference ties the movie to Christine. Hollywood has not been shy at turning many of King's books into movies or TV shows over the last several decades, and 2017's IT immediately became one of the biggest. The box office success made anticipation for the sequel sky high as audiences wanted to see how IT Chapter Two would end with Pennywise's defeat.

Just like any other movie, IT Chapter Two includes plenty of details for different fandoms to pick up on, but the film also plays into the shared universe of King's novels. One of the most obvious of these references comes when the young Henry Bowers recreates The Shining's famous "Here's Johnny". It's an impossible moment to miss but isn't the only connection IT Chapter Two has to another King novel. In fact, the sequel references the demonic car from Christine during a scene with King's own cameo.

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When Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy) attempts to buy his childhood bike, IT Chapter Two reveals that Stephen King is playing the owner of the store. The cameo is on the nose as Bill - an author criticized for not knowing how to end his stories - is viewed as a stand-in for King's own life and career. While viewers will understandably be locked-in to the conversation they share, it likely means that many missed the reference to Christine. As detailed in a new video from Screen Rant, the store owned by King's character includes a yellow license plate reading CQB 241, which is the same number that the cherry red 1958 Plymouth Fury had in the 1983 movie.

For those who are not well-versed in King's books or haven't seen the 1983 film, Christine is a supernatural automobile who is responsible for several murders. King's novel suggests that Christine is possessed with the spirits of a family who had a young girl and her mother die in the car on separate occasions. But, the movie instead makes it appear as though Christine has always had the ability to come alive and repair itself through an unknown source. Regardless, the license plate appearing in IT Chapter Two connects the two King properties together, something King did himself in writing.

In his IT novel, King made reference to Christine being part of this story too. Although not specifically addressed by name, a red 1958 Plymouth Fury does appear. The reference comes when a cadaveric Belch Huggins drives that specific car to pick up Henry Bowers. They use the car to drive to the hotel were the Losers' Club is staying. For the purposes of IT Chapter Two, a similar plot does transpire, but it is a different car that Henry and a deceased Patrick Hockstetter - not Butch - use to track down their old enemies. So, unless Christine was destroyed and remade in a new look and model (something that is hinted at the end of the Christine book), it appears the license plate Easter egg is the best reference to one of King's other hit books IT Chapter Two could fit in.

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