IT: Chapter 2: Jessica Chastain Starts Filming as Beverly Marsh

Jessica Chastain confirms she is now filming Andres Muschietti's IT: Chapter 2, in which she plays an older version of the character Beverly Marsh.

Jessica Chastain IT Chapter 2

Jessica Chastain confirms she's now filming IT: Chapter 2. Warner Bros.' big hit of last year came with bringing Stephen King's revered horror novel to the big screen. The young and mostly unknown cast combined with the terrifying portrayal of Pennywise gave IT the perfect mixture for success. The movie went on to gross over $700 million worldwide, making all talks of a sequel a formality. WB brought back director Andy Muschietti and the writers from the first movie, but have added a lot of talent to the sequel.

Pennywise's return to Derry, Maine, 27 years after the events of the first film resulted in the studio casting older versions of everyone's favorite members of the Loser's Club. While a few potential breakouts are in the mix, the cast is led by Chastain as an older Beverly Marsh and James McAvoy as an older Bill Denbrough. McAvoy was the first to report to set, but now Chastain is joining the production.

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Chastain took to Instagram to confirm her time on IT: Chapter 2 has begun. While she didn't have as much fun as McAvoy did with his announcement, she instead showed the believability of her playing the older Bev. As seen below, Chastain shared a photoshopped picture that is half of her face and the other half of Sophia Lillis, who played Bev in the first film.

Chastain starting production on IT: Chapter 2 is the final step in what has been a long journey to get to this point. She's been linked to the role of older Beverly right from the start of the sequel talk. Although the plans were scrapped, there was at one point a plan to have Chastain appear in a post-credits scene for IT to tease the sequel and time jump. She was the first actor to join the IT sequel officially and now can finally begin work.

With both McAvoy and Chastain now confirmed to have started filming, the only mystery that remains is who else has joined them so far. The rest of the grown up Loser's Club will be portrayed by Bill Hader (Richie), Jay Ryan (Ben), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike), James Ransone (Eddie), and Andy Bean (Stanley). Considering the excitement that IT: Chapter 2 has already generated, a proper image of the full cast assembled will hopefully arrive soon.

In the meantime, production will continue in Canada as the rest of the cast is finalized. Over the last few days, Xavier Dolan and Will Beinbrink joined in supporting roles, the latter as Beverly's husband. Teach Grant and Jess Weixler also came aboard the sequel in key roles. A few other roles may still need to be filled as production continues, so fans should keep an eye out for more.

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  • IT Chapter Two (2019) release date: Sep 06, 2019
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